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  • Overcoming the Challenges of Shared Services: How automation can help companies manage the complexity of shared service environments

    Shared service solutions for accounting, document processing and other areas are seeing unprecedented adoption rates. In a 2017 survey on shared services, over 53% of respondents said they used shared services to perform three or more functions, up from just 20% in 2013. [1] The reason for this adoption is clear. Centralized services shared among business units help eliminate redundancy, improve consistency, increase productivity and reduce costs. Shared services are [...]

  • Using Automation to Upscale Your Workforce

    Offshore sourcing has long been a means for companies to quickly allocate human capital and meet demand using a limited workforce. But as the global cost of labor rises and increasing political pressure makes offshoring risky, many companies are looking to new technologies to help upscale their workforce. With the advent of cognitive computing, machine learning, predictive analytics and other innovative new solutions, automation has become a viable alternative to [...]

  • How Service Providers Are Adopting RPA Internally: Part 2

    In our last post, we discussed how service providers were using robotic process automation (RPA) to dramatically change the way outsourcing is  designed and delivered. This technology, which allows companies to automate support processes, data manipulation or any other transactional activity, is revolutionizing the outsourcing industry and provides an attractive alternative to combat the growing costs of offshoring. This can dramatically improve the way outsourcing service is provided and offer [...]

  • Process Led Automation

    Making Digital Transformation Work for You and Your CustomersDigital transformation is dramatically transforming the landscape of business process outsourcing.  Automating out manual work in services the way manufacturing automated assembly lines offers the prospect of reducing variation, increasing velocity, reducing cost and improving quality – all at the same time.The “robots” here are not mechanical arms assembling autos, they are workflow tools armed with business rules automating repetitive tasks and [...]

  • Insurance BPO: Delivery & Service Line Trends for 2017

    The insurance outsourcing industry is moving at a fast pace in response to the need for rapid deployment of digital platforms and offerings, as well as advancements in new distribution models that are emerging via ‘insurtech’ start-ups. Here I take a look at some of the key trends driving the insurance BPO market in 2017, both in terms of delivery and transformation, and by individual service line.Read More Here [...]

  • Robotic Process Automation 101: (Part 3: Who and How)

    In this, the last of a three-part series on Robotic Process Automation (RPA), author, engineer and futurist Christopher Surdak discusses the ‘Who and How’ of RPA as a business imperative.As the notion of RPA gains traction, many organizations are exploring the capabilities and shortcomings of this technology.  Their incremental returns from Lean, Outsourcing and Benchmarking have plateaued meaning continued process improvements must come from another avenue. RPA promises to allow [...]

  • Robotic Process Automation 101: (Part 2: Where and When)

    In this, the second of a three-part series on Robotic Process Automation (RPA), author, engineer and futurist Christopher Surdak discusses the ‘where and the when’ of RPA as a business imperativeAs companies explore the capabilities of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) it’s logical to ask where best to apply this technology for maximum effect.  There is no shortage of return on investment (ROI) calculators in the world of process automation, and [...]

  • Robotic Process Automation 101: (PART 1: What and Why)

    In this, the first of a three-part series on Robotic Process Automation (RPA), author, engineer and futurist Christopher Surdak discusses the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of RPA as a business imperativeFor business people used to an endless parade of jargon, hype and hyperbole, the term Robotic Process Automation (RPA) may sound like yet another label worked up by yet another high-performance, cross-functional tiger team from marketing. While a degree of [...]

  • New White Paper: Turbo-Charging Your Process Automation

    Across all industries and geographies, organizations are striving for that competitive edge. Traditionally, gaining a leg up over competitors means developing new products and services, entering new markets or wringing costs out of processes. Outsourcing—IT, business operations and other functions—have all inevitably played a key role in the past. Now, organizations are looking for automation to drive additional efficiencies. Although earlier automation solutions helped many organizations achieve operational and financial [...]

  • Login or Register as an IRPA AI member to view this complementary research.At a time when organizations are looking for ways to improve efficiency, productivity and speed to market -- reliance on manual processes that are time-consuming, costly, error-prone and that bore employees into leaving their jobs -- should be a thing of the past.RPA is changing the way enterprises conduct their back-end and front-end processes -- dramatically reducing the time [...]

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