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  • An "Ask Me Anything" Webcast on Intelligent Automation

    The Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence (IRPA AI) hosted a unique “Ask Me Anything” webcast in which you the viewer could ask questions directly to IRPA AI founder and CEO Frank Casale and Jennifer Valenti, the head of client strategy and transformation at Workfusion.Jen discussed the process of planning, evaluating, and selecting intelligent automation, along with lessons learned in her career.Watch the recording to hear: A candid ask-me-anything discussion between [...]

  • Best Practices for Rolling Out RPA

    Analysts called 2016 “the year of the robot.” Now that we’re into 2017, what can we expect? As more organizations make robotic process automation (RPA) a key digital transformation strategy, many questions have arisen regarding the best use cases, the use cases to avoid, and how to build a center of excellence (COE) to expand and optimize the use of RPA beyond initial deployment.Watch the replay to learn: The best [...]

  • Beyond RPA: How AI-Based Systems are Ushering in the Next Wave (Part 2)

    Frank Casale, Founder of Institute for Robotic Process Automation continues his discussion with Naresh Kothari, AVP & Head – Business Development, EdgeVerve (Americas), on Beyond RPA: How AI-Based Systems are Ushering in the Next Wave.  In this video interview, you’ll hear about the differences between cognitive and traditional RPA -- and when to apply which technology.Learn about: What’s similar and what’s different when it comes to evaluating these technologies? Is [...]

  • Beyond RPA: How AI-Based Systems are Ushering in the Next Wave (Part 1 of a 2-part Series)

    Frank Casale, Founder of Institute for Robotic Process Automation sits down with Naresh Kothari, AVP & Head – Business Development, EdgeVerve (Americas), in a two-part video interview to discuss how AI-based systems are ushering in the next wave -- going beyond RPA -- to deliver enterprise efficiencies and transformation.  Check out the videos for expert insight and advice on which questions to ask before embarking on your automation journey.In Part [...]

  • Are Your IT Operations Digital Ready?

    The Digital revolution requires businesses to act and respond to market needs at unprecedented speed and agility. This makes multi-modal IT a mandatory requirement. But operating IT at different speeds and providing business with speed and agility requires a different operational mindset. While automation has been traditionally used to make operations more efficient and to save costs, in the 21st century, the role of automation has been enhanced through AI [...]

  • Beyond Cost Savings - How RPA Helps Deliver Customer Satisfaction

    We’ve all heard about the benefits that RPA delivers in cost savings. But are you aware of what else RPA can do for you?  It’s time to go beyond the basics.Our speakers discuss how RPA implementations have enabled their clients to reach new levels of customer loyalty and satisfaction by ensuring fast, accurate, consistent responses. Learn about RPA's proven benefits from different viewpoints.Expert speakers:Karen Inbar, Solution Marketing Manager, Real-Time Solutions, [...]

  • Moving from tactical RPA to strategic RPA

    Organizations are in various stages of exploring and implementing RPA. Companies who are still sitting on the fence will soon pay the price of having to play catch-up. In this webinar, you’ll get the inside scoop from industry experts how first movers have made the shift from tactical to strategic RPA – to reap the benefits of RPA today.View this interactive webinar/panel discussion where we discuss:-Realistic expectations of RPA initiatives and [...]

  • Robotic Process Automation in Banking: The Secret to Digital Transformation

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is fast emerging as a highly efficient way to help financial institutions support their digital transformation initiatives. Best of all, you don’t need to wait months or even years to see the results. In an industry that is constantly looking to improve the consumer banking experience, mitigate risk and comply with regulations, and increase great efficiencies around core customer oriented processes, the use of intelligent software [...]

  • From Hype to Reality: Man & Machine – Reality Check

    In this segment, “Reality Check” our presenters, Adam Devine, VP & Head of Marketing, WorkFusion and Andy Popov, Managing Director, Avasant present the year’s most compelling real world case studies and discuss the man and machine challenges we have yet to face and the progress made to date.The last 12 months has seen a turning point in the automation of knowledge work and the adoption of the technology that is making [...]

  • Real World Use Cases: Using Robotic Process Automation to Create a “Digital Workforce”

    Continue Your Transformation JourneyToday, organizations across vertical industries are benefiting from deploying intelligent software robots for an agile digital workforce. In many cases, the process activities being automated are common back office data processing operations and in other cases robotic process automation (RPA) is supporting far more strategic process activities.Join Michael Engel, Intelligent Process Automation Leader, PWC and Bill Galusha, Product Marketing Manager, RPA Products & Solutions, Kofax, A Lexmark [...]

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