A message from the founder: How AI Will Affect Our Children’s Future?

How AI Will Affect Our Children’s Future?

If you have children, you know that it’s basically your second job to worry about them. And if you have kids who are nearing graduation, you can’t help but to have concerns about their future.

Let’s look at the facts. According to a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review, two thirds of college graduates struggle to find a career after college. If this isn’t bad enough, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) reports that 38% of jobs in the U.S. are at a high risk of being replaced by robots and artificial intelligence over the next 15 years.

As a father of four children, my anxiety goes through the roof when I hear these statistics. So, the question is; what can we, as parents, do to prepare our children for the digital workforce?

After doing a substantial amount of research (see links below), it became clear that while the advancements in AI will result in less traditional jobs, the quantity of AI related jobs will skyrocket. According to a study published from a career and hiring data firm, Paysa, U.S. employers will spend more than $650 million on annual salaries for 10,000 jobs in AI this year.

Study after study was showing that a career in AI is the way to go to ensure a successful future. Now, many of you may be saying, well, college will prepare my child for this digital revolution. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. After being heavily involved in helping my daughter search for colleges, I was quite disappointed to learn that colleges curriculums aren’t adequately preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s extremely disrupted and modified work life.

In learning about this, I am now working with a team of advisors to put together our first-ever Introduction to AI Training Course, which will give 20 students (ages 17-21) invaluable hands-on experience and knowledge that will yield in a certification upon completion, as well as the unique opportunity to meet and network with key hiring companies.

If you would like to receive the invitation to participate, the course outline and pricing, please respond to this email. If you have suggestions or comments, we’d love to hear them—join our discussion on LinkedIn.

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