RPA Gaga (All we hear is)

Throughout the automation industry media, the hype around cost reduction continues to proliferate. We call it “RPA gaga”. We’ve all heard of cost reductions greater than 40% but the reality is that over 95% of RPA adopters never see anywhere near those levels. In our live webinar, “RPA Gaga (All we hear is)” we’ll discuss the critical factors needed for attaining acceptable – and outstanding – ROI. Register now to reserve your seat.

Intelligent and strategic deployment of multiple automation technologies, i.e. not just isolated RPA, delivers the greatest benefits. Cost reduction, greater accuracy, and improved efficiency are all achievable. Join us to learn how.

Attendees of “RPA Gaga” will learn:

  • Why it’s critical to have executive support, stakeholder alignment, and an organizational capacity for change
  • The need for broad and deep process knowledge and highly experienced technical skills for integrating multiple automation technologies
  • How methodology and post-production support act as world class automation enablers


Don’t fall for the RPA gaga. Register now for our webinar and learn how to deliver real-life, genuine benefits for your organization.

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