Attended & Unattended RPA – Are you Missing Half the Story (and Half the Gains)?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been dramatically reshaping business, helping to improve productivity and driving innovation. However, some organizations are missing an important side of RPA. Many think of RPA as fully automated bots in major enterprise deployments working independently of human employees. In reality it is a category that includes both attended (robots interacting with humans) and unattended (robots acting independently) solutions.

Attended RPA works alongside people rather than replacing them entirely. This allows even the most abstract and complicated tasks to benefit from the power of automation. By freeing up valuable time, human workers, especially in the front office, can spend more effort on value-added activities, solving problems, innovating and working with customers. These solutions can be delivered via a server or from robotic automation software installed directly on a machine, a deployment type that is also referred to as Robotic Desk Automation (RDA).

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