Attended Automation

An Attended Automation bot is one of the ‘flavors’ which an organization can adopt with an RPA solution. An attended bot is different from an unattended one, in a few ways: It is installed on the employee’s desktop, supporting them with their daily work activities, many times referred to as their personal robotic assistant; The attended bot typically delivers functions beyond just automation, namely guidance for employees through complex processes, popping up next-best-action recommendations to show them what they need to say or do in real-time; The attended bot will automate short, point tasks on the employee’s desktop, as the employee works on other tasks in parallel. Therefore it is more sophisticated in how it can work ‘side-by-side’ with the employee and not interfere with what the employee is doing, but rather provide added value and support; An attended bot can be triggered automatically by the employee’s desktop actions, or manually triggered by the employee. Automatic triggering by desktop actions delivers guidance/automation which is contextual and relevant to what the employee is currently working on or the type of conversation he is having with a customer.


Many large enterprises have already adopted RPA and are looking for additional ways to increase its impact across the enterprise. One place which can benefit greatly from RPA, and especially from attended automation, is the contact center, since a lot of the processes executed by the service representatives, are repetitive and error-prone, making them prime candidates for RPA.

Jackie Griffin

Attended Automation Expert

As Director of Automation Solutions at NICE, with over 18 years’ experience working with clients in this space,  Jackie is passionate about enabling organizations to realize the full potential of Attended Automation, AI & Analytics, demonstrating how harmonizing humans and robots can deliver flawless customer experiences whilst increasing efficiency across the Enterprise.


Agent Experience, Analytics & CX Revenue Opportunities

In this week's Executive Interview Series segment, IRPA AI's Daniel Goodstein speaks with Gareth Hole, Strategic Alliance Director for Robotics and AI an NICE about contact center agent experience and analytics.

The discussion includes:

- Why agent experience is so important

- How to get agents to adopt the new technology & help scale automation

- Leveraging attended automation for better analytics & revenue generation

On-Demand Webinar:
Intelligent Machines & How They Change Customer Service

Join us for an on-demand webinar where RPA Contributor Tom Taulli and Automation leader Oded Karev will discuss client case studies for intelligent attended automation and the value that AI brings to attended automation and businesses across a variety of industries.

The discussion includes:

– A breakdown of Artificial Intelligence

– How AI enhances and advances automation capabilities

– Using AI technologies to discover automation opportunities

– Leveraging real time speech analytics to trigger desktop automation

Interview: Attended Automation is Getting More Intelligent- Part I

In the first installment of a two-part segment, IRPA AI's Daniel Goodstein speaks with Oded Karev, GM for RPA at NICE Automation about various clients in the attended automation journey, advances in attended automation, and how it is becoming more and more intelligent.

Part I of the discussion includes:

- What is Intelligent Attended Automation and Why is it the next big thing?

- How self-sufficient can you get in deploying Attended RPA?

Interview: Attended Automation is Getting More Intelligent- Part II

In the continuation of this 2-part series, NICE's Oded Karev shares with IRPA AI's Daniel Goodstein stories of various clients in the attended automation journey, advances in attended automation, and how it is becoming more and more intelligent.

Part II of the discussion includes:

- What other new opportunities are there if you're already automated and you want to do more?

- How does Attended automation help with Employees' acceptance of RPA?

Interview: The Real Benefits of CX Transformation & Attended Automation

In this week's Executive Interview segment, IRPA AI's Daniel Goodstein speaks with Lonnie Johnston, Global Customer Success Leader at NICE, about Customer Experience Transformation.

The discussion includes:

- The biggest challenges of customer interactions experienced in the past year

- Advantages of CX Transformation beyond handling time & for revenue generation

- Benefits of attended automation on staffing and training

- Where to start on Attended Automation


Unpacking The Value of Attended Automation

This white paper unpacks and explores the fascinating technology that is Attended Automation. In today’s digital economy, most enterprises are embracing various forms of digital transformation practices to remain relevant and competitive. Attended Automation technology is a critical component in any digital transformation initiative, as it provides the human workforce with real-time guidance and support.

Scaling Up Success With Attended Automation

In this paper we will explore the benefits of attended automation as a critical element of successfully scaling intelligent automation programs. We will also take a look at the steps organizations should take to successfully scale up their intelligent automation efforts to unleash the full return on their investments in this potentially transformational technology.

The Hidden Truths Behind Successful RPA Deployments

Many enterprises have embarked on their journey towards higher levels of automation. However, they are finding that scaling and driving through the business benefits is more complicated than anticipated. To unleash the real value of their investments in robotic process automation (RPA), organizations should embrace the potential of a blended human-robot workforce.

Employee Virtual Assistants are Work-at-Home Agents, Too

We are months into our new reality and the contact center world is starting to settle down—at home, for the most part. Seemingly overnight, businesses around the world have had to shut their doors, put business on hold, or, if lucky, keep business afloat by sending their employees to work at home. In customer care, this has meant millions of agents around the world working in and emotionally adjusting to a completely different environment than before.

Automation Benefits Employees, Customers, and The Bottom Line

Swinton initiated a large-scale transformation project focused on streamlining workflows and ensuring the contact center teams are both high-performance and engaged.

This initiative was intended to move the contact center away from operating several in-house, customized software platforms for its processes toward a single market-leading, comprehensive third-party workforce management (WFM) solution. Swinton set itself the ambitious target of accomplishing this in the record time of nine months.


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