Automating Process Discovery: Speeding Up RPA’s Time to Value

What if robotic process automation (RPA) could start improving your processes before you even automate them?

RPA creates incredible value, but its wide applicability and flexibility can make it difficult to choose where to start, creating a time gap between project launch and goal realization. Enter automated process discovery, a concept that brings the automation forward into process identification and optimization. By “listening” to your organization’s daily workflows, automated process discovery tools can identify the best process automation candidates, suggest more efficient process patterns, and seamlessly build out what the process would look like in your RPA tool.

Join IRPA AI, Kryon Systems, and CoSourcing Partners for our webinar, Automating Process Discovery: Speeding Up RPA’s Time to Value to learn more.

In this presentation you will learn about:

  • What automated process discovery is and how it shortens time-to-value of RPA
  • Best practices on selecting processes for automation that produce the highest value and are likely to succeed
  • Implementation and deployment practices that generate value from automation quickly while providing future-proofing


What is process discovery? Why does it matter? What does it replace or enhance? You’ll learn the answers to these questions and more.




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