Automation – the Big Picture 2018

For many, RPA hasn’t delivered the expected returns. This has led too many companies to approach automation with caution, implementing small, contained projects that may actually stifle the greater benefits that could be realized with an enterprise-wide plan.

In this webinar, RPA – The BIG Picture 2018, we explore the current state of the automation industry and the reasons behind the lack of benefit realization seen in large-scale automation projects. Nick Andrews provides his view as to why the industry is failing to identify the correct projects and touches on key steps that you can take to break this mold.

Viewers of “RPA – the Big Picture 2018” will learn:

  • How the correct tool set and skill set combine to create value and result in true transformational benefit realization.
  • How to support your automations to continue to realize benefits and why this is so frequently overlooked.
  • How to overcome the challenges of process selection, development timescales, inexperience and disruptive change.




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