Automation: The Good, The Bad, and the RPA 5 Things to Look For in Good Automation

Learn how RPA and other technologies can be catalysts within an intelligent automation framework to transform your organization. With 72% of all automation projects failing and more than half not being attempted again, it’s critical to consider the factors that contribute to automation success.

Automation: The Good, The Bad, and the RPA shows how to plan, implement and deploy automation capabilities successfully. View now to hear Cortex Intelligent Automation and PwC discuss the realities of working with disparate automation technologies.

Viewers will learn:

  • What can be done to capitalize on existing investments and extend automation solution benefits
  • Where RPA, AI, machine learning and intelligent automation can deliver high-impact results
  • How to utilize intelligent automation to bring together multiple islands of automation technologies


Leading with an approach focusing on specific technology is problematic. Learn how to use proven strategies, methodologies, and technologies to define the workforce of the future and ensure that your automation projects are successful.




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