Automation Innovation Conference Presentations – New York City

Keynote: The AI Enabled Enterprise

Artificial intelligence has typically operated on the periphery of the enterprise, a chatbot here, a digital scheduler there. But as interest in AI has grown over time, it’s role within the enterprise is shifting. Global spending on artificial intelligence is expected to reach $56.7 billion by the year 2021. Those who are laying a foundation today for an AI enabled enterprise tomorrow are going to be the ones to re-shape their respective industries in major ways. Join this session to gain vision on the coming AI enabled enterprise.

Thomas Bredillet, Machine Learning Lead, Facebook


Keynote: The Truth about RPA & Getting to Scale

The promises of RPA led many to believe that getting bots to scale would just happen. But is scale happening?  The struggle of scaling is still a leading concern of RPA users. Will AI and Machine Learning bring the promise of Digital Transformation through scaled RPA to fruition? Hear from Francis Carden, one of the founders of OpenSpan, the leading RPA technology acquired by Pegasystems in 2016, who has led some of the world’s largest robotic automation deployments. He will cover the reasons why scale is an issue, but also how to accelerate real Digital Transformation where RPA and AI will both have a role.

Francis Carden, Vice President of Robotics & Transformation, Pega Systems


Scaling Intelligent Automation: From Proof of Value to Sustained Enterprise Adoption

As enterprises face the reality that the elements which once made them successful are now holding them back, the key drivers leading the shift from point automation practices to full-scale robotic process automation (RPA) are more relevant than ever in the mind of every CIO aiming to move their organization forward in today’s fast-paced digital economy. This session will deliver comprehensive insights into how the maximization of established intelligent automation processes can amplify value added to the organizations of the future.

Chris Huff, Chief Strategy Officer, Kofax
Sri Maddineni, Sr. Director Data Engineering, Randstad


The Human Element: Building Talent for the Digital Age

To be successful in the Digital Age will require hiring and retaining talent that is comfortable working side by side with AI. In addition to addressing directly the fear of automation, organizations need to build digital affinity into their workforce strategy. The objective is acquire human assets that thrive in a digital environment.

Richard Milam, CEO, Enablesoft
Troy Smith, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Steward Health Care Network Health Plan Division 


Riding the Next Wave: The Coming Convergence Between Automation, Cognitive and Block Chain

As the enterprise adoption of automation, cognitive, and blockchain continues to grow, we are learning more and more these days, not only about what they are capable of on their own, but about what they are capable of when coupled together. When you consider the practical applications of each, it quickly becomes clear that there are endless advantages to successfully harnessing the power of all three as an ecosystem. In this session, learn about what’s to come and explore the art of the possible for these powerhouse digital technologies.

Kevin Kroen, Partner, PwC


Client Case Study: Developing a Culture of Innovation through Automation

As intelligent automation continues to expand, practitioners are recognizing the importance of promoting a healthy culture of innovation. Opening up the creative potential of your team by using augmenting technologies can improve engagement and work satisfaction while increasing adoption rates. Develop a strategy that expands your RPA usage and gives your coworkers an opportunity to participate as “change agents”.

Ashwin Ashok, Regional Director, Automation Anywhere
Amory Booher, Director of Risk Technology and Productivity, BBVA Compass



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