Automation’s impact on the Economy and the Outsourcing Market

Martin Ford, Silicon Valley Entrepreneur, Futurist and Author of “Rise of the Robots – Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future,” and Joe Hogan, HCL Vice President Global Advisory and Analyst Services, sit down with Raheem Hasan, President and Co-Founder of IRPA AI, to discuss the ubiquitous and pervasive impact that automation and robotics will have on the economy and the outsourcing market. Weighing in from a Silicon Valley perspective, Martin Ford shares his vision of a world that will be utterly upended, where automation poses such a disruption to our entire systems, that we will need to rethink how capitalism works, how our market economy works — presenting terrific challenges for society and also our political system.

As a major player in the outsourcing community, HCL’s Joe Hogan presents his “glass half full” vision on automation’s impact. Moving beyond outsourcing’s basic role of labor arbitrage, he sees automation as a change in the way work is done – whether that work is done through artificial intelligence or done in many different ways—there is tremendous opportunity out there for a lot of companies to begin to reinvent themselves. He asks — Where is this all going? What does it all mean? Automation, from his viewpoint, will give us abilities we never had before; the ability to cure diseases, the ability to collaborate and hopefully have a world that’s a lot more peaceful than what it is today.

Martin and Joe both share their passions and their unique visionary perspectives on automation’s impact. To learn more about this fascinating and inspiring interview — take a look at this video.


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