Blue Prism, CEO Alastair Bathgate, Elaborates on The History and Long Term Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

CIO’s all over the globe are constantly looking for that golden sourcing solution to help cut costs and improve service more so than onshore and offshore outsourcing, according to Blue Prism’s CEO, Alastair Bathgate, in this recent discussion with IRPA AI and OI Founder and CEO, Frank Casale. As we look at RPA in reference to information technology outsourcing (ITO) and business process outsourcing (BPO), Alastair elaborates on the value that Blue Prism has delivered to clients through the use of RPA and how it is definitely an option to organizations who are looking for other sourcing alternatives. Alastair and Frank discuss the future skill sets needed to be competitive in the workplace. Learn more about the history and benefits of RPA and the key difference between robotic automation and typical process automation through the eyes of a true RPA pioneer.


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