Bot Maintenance Calculator

The majority of business (over 87%) have yet to be able to scale their automation efforts up to the point where automation deliver the expected level of ROI.

The burden of delivering the promised benefits has shifted from the development of Bots to the support and maintenance of Bots. Bots drive ROI when they run, resulting in time savings, increased quality, reduced risk, and reduced operating costs. If a Bot fails to run, then it also fails to deliver the promised ROI. 

Due to the manual nature of the Automation remediation, on average, one FTE (full-time equivalent) is required to support every nine to fifteen production Automations. This includes all phases of trouble-ticket handling, performing triage, handoffs, and reparation. This equates to roughly 17 to 22-hours per Bot per month.

Are you paying too much for Bot Maintenance & losing your RPA ROI? Find out below…


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