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Welcome from the Chapter Lead: Prof. Dr. Chan Chee Seng

Greetings and warmest welcome!

The Global Artificial Intelligence Network (GAIN) is delighted to lead the Malaysia Chapter of IRPA AI. GAIN has traditionally focused on academics, policy, and technology R&D issues, by partnering with IRPA AI, we are adding a new focus on business applications of emerging digital technologies.

Malaysia’s role as a leading ASEAN hub for global business services and manufacturing makes it a centre for the advancement of digital transformation. We believed that GAIN and IRPA AI can definitely play a significant role in shaping the future of Malaysia & ASEAN’s growing business sector.

About the Chapter Lead

Chee Seng received his Ph.D. from University of Portsmouth, U.K. under the supervision of Prof.HonghaiLiu in 2008. 

In general, his research interests are computer vision and fuzzy qualitative reasoning ; with a focus on image / video content analysis. He is a recipient of the Young Scientist Network-Academy of Sciences Malaysia (YSN-ASM) in 2015 and Hitachi Research Fellowship in 2013. 

He is also a senior member of IEEE and currently the Department Head of Artificial Intelligence, Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology of University Malaya.


Stay tuned for chapter events that will be announced soon.

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