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NEW OFFERINGS: Launching Virtual Chapters & Executive Education
to Help Members Post-COVID

NEW YORK, NEW YORK- August 13 , 2020  —  The Institute for Robotic Process Automation & AI (IRPA AI) and  its sister association The  Digital Enterprise Institute (DEI), today announced  two new offerings  focused on providing members with education and networking opportunities virtually, as  they shift from primarily  face-to-face events and gatherings, to providing more direct assistance for their members.  In addition to an expanded team of industry insiders, SMEs and contributors, now covering the space and providing hands-on advice for members,  its  new  online Executive Education course programs  and revamped, now virtual,  local chapters, will continue to help executives navigate their journeys around RPA, AI  and digital  transformation in the post-COVID era.

“Now more than ever before, we need to support companies who may need several years of digital transformation in a matter of months. As organizations’ priorities shifted earlier this year and physical gatherings became impossible for the foreseeable future, we immediately started working with our members to ensure we supported them through unchartered waters and uncertain times,” said Daniel Goodstein, President of IRPA AI and Digital Enterprise Institute.  “It became apparent that what they needed most, was a substitute for conferences & events, which previously was their primary source of networking and industry education. Requests for assistance within our network has exploded, so in addition to offering free Industry Briefings and coaching calls with many members, we made the decision to go virtual with our chapters and add online executive education to our portfolio of member benefits.”

IRPA AI Chapters, which began to launch across the globe last year in response to members requesting more localized, ongoing, grassroots ecosystems and communities, have now gone virtual. Chaired by subject matter experts and practitioners from Experian, EY, Avaya and others, Chapters will provide members with access to a local network, without leaving their home office.

Based on the current environment, IRPA AI has partnered with a new virtual network platform, allowing Chapter members to have access to an always-on user group of like-minded professionals, accessible 365 days a year, with monthly  online  events and  weekly  content curated for that  particular  region.  Members can connect with others facing the same challenges in their area, learn from subject matter experts and meet solution providers who can show real life use cases and emerging technology.  All locally focused, the members, the content and the leadership will tackle the topics that are most pertinent and within industries that are most prominent to its locale. The program is now accepting members around the world.  

IRPA AI and Digital Enterprise Institute will also launch its online MBA-style Executive Education initiative next month, in order to help train, certify & enable business executives to design key strategies for their organizations around digital transformation, RPA & AI, and advance their careers in these most sought-after areas.   

The instructors, who include former C-suite executives from P&G, Bristol Myers, McKinsey & the top 3 RPA players, are the most highly regarded experts in their respective fields and will offer regular office hours and ongoing support and networking opportunities for all students. Enrollees will also participate in regular weekly learning sessions with the course leader, collaborate with other executive participants throughout the duration of the 10-week courses and receive an IRPA AI or Digital Enterprise Institute certification badge upon completion.  For more information or to put your name on the early-bird list for executive education, click here.

“Our goal is to bring some of the top minds from across the industry directly to our members and we look forward to providing these new offerings to our community to help further the knowledge and adoption of RPA, AI and Digital Transformation technologies,” added Goodstein. 

About IRPA AI and DEI 

IRPA AI is an independent professional association and knowledge forum for the buyers, sellers & influencers of RPA/software automation, cognitive computing and artificial intelligence. Our global network and services offer leading-edge market intelligence, transaction assistance and opportunities to learn and network with stakeholders across service industry functions. 

Born out of the Outsourcing Institute & IRPA AI,  The Digital Enterprise Institute is a new professional association focused on providing education, networking opportunities, guidance and proactive resources to enterprises that are trying to navigate digital transformation and the convergence of emerging technologies. 

For more information about these organizations visit: www.irpaai.com and www.digitalenterpriseinstitute.com

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