Do You Have Data Diabetes?

Organizations constantly lament that they have too much data, not enough data, or the wrong data, often simultaneously. They need data to thrive and create value, but they are unable to effectively put that data to use.

Recent research strongly indicates that the problem that these organizations actually face is not a problem with data, rather, it is a problem of decision-making.

If more, less or better data does not improve decision-making, then this critical business function is under-served by the investment and you just might be suffering from “Data Diabetes”.

Data Diabetes is a metaphor for how organizations struggle to effectively use data to create value, in the same way that diabetic organisms cannot effectively use sugar. Curious to see how badly you are suffering from Data Diabetes? Take this quick self-assessment and find out how you score.

By Chris Surdak, JD
Senior IRPA AI Contributor


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