David vs Goliath or Challengers vs. Large Enterprises: How RPA is helping to win the battle

Why is RPA synonymous with a “Stone and Sling?” Read on to find out.

Ambitious, growing companies or “Challengers” competing in tough markets, especially against large, powerful enterprises face a David & Goliath tussle. This may, according to the Oxford Learner Dictionaries, be described as “a situation in which a small or weak person or organization tries to defeat another much larger or stronger opponent”.

For such Challengers, time is often the most precious commodity: time to think; time to meet deadlines; time to stay close to the life blood of their business, their customers; time to prosper. Without such time, the battle with bigger, more powerful competitors with deeper pockets is made even harder for these challengers. Managing cash flow is paramount, including keeping a close eye on expenses so the answer is not just a question of opening up the chequebook to add hard to find resources.

Gartner’s 2018 CEO survey found that many more CEOs of midsize enterprises (MSE’s), “are now focused on enhancing technology leverage and structural and workforce development to grow and scale their business”.

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