Diagnoss launches AI assistant to reduce medical coding errors

Startup Diagnoss has developed an artificial intelligence-based coding assistant to help automate the process of medical coding and billing.

The Diagnoss AI medical coding engine acts as a “sidebar” to electronic health records (EHRs) and uses machine learning to improve a clinician’s accuracy. The tool provides real-time feedback to medical practices during the administrative process and helps to reduce coding errors on claims.

Abboud Chaballout, founder and CEO of Berkeley, California-based Diagnoss, compares the AI tool to an assistant whispering in a doctor’s ear.

The AI tool works similarly to the Grammarly AI grammar-checking tool. It uses natural language processing to evaluate doctors’ notes while they are being typed or when they are uploaded to an EHR. It then suggests to the user the correct codes to use, according to the company.

Grammarly “reads what you’re writing and gives you actionable information around grammar,” Chaballout said. “We’re doing the same thing with codes.”


About Diagnoss

Founded in 2018, Diagnoss is backed by early-stage venture capital fund The House Fund. The startup joins a growing list of companies leveraging AI to help with tedious, time-consuming administrative tasks like coding.

We are data scientists, clinicians, and serial healthcare entrepreneurs from UC Berkeley and Cornell University with deep experience in healthcare analytics and operations.

We love our healthcare system and want nothing more than to free our healthcare providers from the mundane and the cumbersome aspects of their work, so they can in turn give their best to their patients.


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