Digital Labor 2.0 – The Robots Have Grown Up

Over the past year, there has been a shift in the conversation around digital labor and robotic process automation (RPA) from digital labor 1.0, “Can this work? What type of impact will this have?” and “How do I get started” to digital labor 2.0, “How do I move faster and go big? What does scale look like and how do I get there?”

As firms enter the era of digital labor 2.0, many challenges remain. IRPA AI, Kryon Systems, and PwC have teamed up to bring you this webinar, Digital Labor 2.0 – The Robots Have Grown Up to help you start the journey successfully.

View Digital Labor 2.0 – The Robots Have Grown Up and you will learn:

  • Best practices and pitfalls in achieving optimal operating models, opportunity identification, and optimizing ROI
  • Selecting appropriate tools and technologies and considerations looking to the future of intelligent automation
  • Key lessons and observations from the field, including how the digital labor ecosystem will evolve over the next year

Digital labor 2.0 is evolving rapidly.

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