About This Event

Join us, and Conference Co-chair Alsbridge, for this one-day conference, as we prepare and fully understand the impact of digital labor, disruption and alternatives to outsourcing, and what the next wave of innovation looks like.

Fasten your seat belts folks! The future of outsourcing is here and its impact is impressive. Just as you got cozy with Cloud and were reveling in your intimacy with offshoring to exotic locations, the whole model changes.  This one-day experience is geared to educate and inform you of the transformation and alternatives to outsourcing and what it means for the future of careers, business processes and labor cost reduction. While the nascent disruption in outsourcing is still a mystery to most in the industry, the acceptance of RPA is well underway.  In 2014, RPA research was the focus, 2015 has been and will continue to be all about RPA readiness. As we look toward 2016, the reality of RPA will take form: Make way for the Year of the Robot!

By January 2016 the majority of the service providers will be RPA ready, the advisors will have their team and game plans in place, and buyers will expect RPA enabled solutions to be the norm.  2016 this marks the shift from “voodoo" to "you do". 

 Just as industrial robots have transformed the manufacturing industry by creating higher production rates and improved quality, robotic virtual machines are revolutionizing the way you will administer business,  IT support, and workflow processes.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn and experience the next wave of innovation.