About This Event

Are you winning or losing to race to digital workforce transformation?

Our Automation Innovation conference was the first of its kind in the industry to acknowledge this key trend and sound the warning bell that this is real and it's here. While there were as many cynics as enthusiastic thought leaders back in 2014 most technology and business leaders now get it and are seeking intelligent paths and strategies to help them make the pivot.

In order to get from here to there, you will need to have a solid understanding of:

  • What are the latest technologies and related categories?
  • What's real and what's hype with regard to labor cost reduction, reduction in human error, speed scale and regulatory risk mitigation?
  • Where does one start?
  • What does an automation roadmap look like?
  • What does a typical business case look like?
  • What are the new pricing and licensing models?
  • How do I protect my company's intellectual property?
  • If this is less about one technology and more about a Mash-up then what is ideal combination?
  • Should I work with a service provider or go directly to a software provider and build my own solution?
  • Where does the innovation come from and what does it look like?
  • Isn't this the new outsourcing or do we even need outsourcing anymore?
  • What do the first wave of practitioners have to say about the process the results and what they would do differently?

Join us as we continue to push the digital envelope and leverage our global ecosystem to deliver the best speakers and the most interactive audience. In this one-day conference, you will meet and hear from the leading experts and customers who have played a key part in this first wave of transition from traditional labor to RPA, intelligent automation and cognitive computing

The clock is ticking. Actually it's a stop watch as this automation fueled race to digital transformation is on as winning is the only option.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn and experience the next wave of innovation.