Facebook’s Machine Learning Lead Argues That Traditional Companies Have an Edge in Generating More Impact with Automation over Facebook Exclusive Interview – Part One

Ahead of IRPA AI’s Automation Innovation NY Conference, which is taking place on Thursday, November 29th at the Convene in NYC, Thomas Bredillet, Facebook’s Machine Learning Lead, sat down with Frank Casale, IRPA AI Founder, to discuss how Facebook’s AI journey varies from traditional global 2000 organizations and what he will present at the conference in this exclusive interview.

Take a look at this interview to learn about:

  • Thomas’s role at Facebook, how the work he does directly impacts the user experience
  • How global 2000 organizations can have a higher impact from automation, than newer technology-driven companies
  • How automation, within an organization, should be process led
  • And More

View Here

Thomas Bredillet will deliver the keynote presentation about the AI enabled enterprise at IRPA AI’s Automation Innovation NY Conference, on Thursday, November 29th at the Convene in NYC. Those who are laying a foundation today for an AI enabled enterprise tomorrow are going to be the ones to re-shape their respective industries in major ways. Join this session to gain vision on the coming AI enabled enterprise. To learn more about this session, check out the agenda or visit www.irpaai.com/automationinnovation.




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