From Hype to Reality – Man & Machine: Temperature Gauge

Part two of our four-part IRPA AI Ecosystem Webinar Series, “From Hype to Reality: Man & Machine.” You won’t want to miss a single event as we travel the RPA road ahead together and explore this new landscape and expand our horizons. We have an exciting lineup of quarterly presentations and discussions from key players from the buyer, provider, advisor, and analyst community.  They will share their insights and observations on the impact RPA, AI, cognitive computing, machine learning, and intelligent automation are having on today’s business.

In this next segment, Temperature Gauge, we take a reading on the roles of both the man and the machine, who and what is ready now — and how enterprises are introducing technologies like RPA, AI, cognitive computing, machine learning and intelligent automation to their CEOs, their employees and their board members.

See webinar replay below:


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