ING Bank Automation Leader’s View on RPA Implementation Challenges & CoEs

In this week’s Executive Interview Series segment, IRPA AI’s Daniel Goodstein speaks with Sudhanshu Sawlani, Head of Robotics & Intelligent Automation at ING Wholesale Banking about their Robotics Process Automation journey, advantages and challenges they faced, and how having an RPA Center of Excellence helped them in their journey.

The discussion includes:

  • – Why ING Bank embarked on the RPA journey
  • – The road bumps and challenges encountered during RPA implementation
  • – How end-to-end solutions have helped day-to-day operations
  • – How RPA was “sold” internally” and gradually accepted internally
  • – What are the advantages of having an RPA CoE



IA market news (by Tolani Jaiye-Tikolo)

October 25, 2021 💥UiPath announces partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company to enable RPA analytics at scale. This combined offering of #UiPath with #Snowflake‘s compute, elastic scaling, and enterprise-grade

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