What is Intelligent Automation? Where and how do you get started?

A growing percentage of companies is using automation to improve front and back-office operations. The IBM Institute of Business Value surveyed more than 3,000 organizations in a new study, and found that almost every organization is currently engaged in some level of automation or attempting to adopt it. While adoption of automating simple, repetitive processes through robotic process automation (RPA) is common, many leaders are still grappling with how and where to extend into intelligent automation (IA). Register now to learn the results of IBM’s primary research in our live webinar, “What is Intelligent Automation? Where and how do you get started?”

IBV presents results from their recent research study, The Evolution of Process Automation: Moving Beyond Basic Robotics to Intelligent Interactions. The discussion helps contextualize the IA journey as a three-part continuum: basic, advanced, and intelligent. You’ll learn steps you can take to realize automation’s enterprise-wide potential and encourage an approach that combines:

  • Thinking big and creating an automation foundation
  • Starting small and standing up a command center
  • Working differently and re-engineering process




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