Introducing Next-Level RPA: Content IQ Skills are the Key to Automating Unstructured Content Processing

Enterprises today are moving fast in their digital transformation journey, and robotic process automation (RPA) is a major driving force. However, there are limits to what a robot can deliver, including bridging the gap between receiving raw, unstructured content and delivering structured, meaningful information into a business process. Join the experts from IRPA, ABBYY, and Ashling Partners in this interactive discussion as they dive into how enterprises can progress to the next level of automation by combining RPA with Content IQ Skills,  the technologies and solutions that can interpret, understand, and extract meaningful information from unstructured content. View this webinar to learn:

  • Real world use cases and benefits of complementing RPA with Content IQ technologies and solutions to automate content-centric business processes.
  • The right approach and best practices to prepare and execute on implementing the next level automation with RPA.
  • The future of automation when it comes to “content IQ skills” that can be easily consumed within RPA.

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