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  • A Framework for Explaining the Power of Intelligent Automation

    By Pascal Bornet Senior IRPA AI Contributor Intelligent Automation (IA), also known as hyperautomation, is a set of technologies and methods for automating the work of white-collar professionals and knowledge workers. Here, we present a framework for explaining its power in terms of four main capabilities — Vision, Execution, Language, and Thinking & Learning — and how they enable business transformations with people and business goals at their center. Vision Computer vision is an [...]

  • What Would Einstein Do? The Ethical Conundrums of Artificial Intelligence

    By Chris Surdak, JD Senior IRPA AI Contributor This week I presented at the Sub-Four eDiscovery and Information Governance in the legal industry, hosted at Pelican Hill Resort. While these topics may strike some as exciting as watching paint dry, others of us find these topics to be interesting, relevant, and sometimes even critical to our careers and our lives. In the session I moderated, we discussed the implications of Artificial [...]

  • 10 Crucial Ways to Apply Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Retail

    As retail and consumer-goods leaders know, the seemingly simple act of delivering a product into the hands of a customer requires a complex orchestration of processes, including inventory management, store planning, sales forecasting, enterprise resource planning (ERP) management, and customer support. As customer expectations evolve, supply chains grow more agile, and omnichannel experiences become the norm, retail organizations find themselves navigating an increasingly complicated business landscape. Capgemini estimates the retail industry could [...]

  • Enterprises are Gearing up for the Post-COVID World with RPA – How are you Measuring Up?

    By: Oded Karev   There is no doubt that COVID-19 is accelerating disruption and speeding up the transition to a digital-first reality. During this volatile era, it is more important than ever for enterprises to drive higher efficiency and productivity. One of the best ways to do this is by adopting robotic process automation (RPA). RPA enables you to optimize routine business processes, so your people can focus on activities that add more [...]

  • 8 Ways RPA Is Helping Transform the Telecom Industry

    Driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and edge computing, the utilization of telecom services is exploding. This surging demand presents significant revenue opportunities for communications service providers (CSPs), but it also poses substantial challenges. With large numbers of users sending massive amounts of data through their networks, telecom companies have found even basic organizational functions like customer support and order fulfillment are growing increasingly complicated. To meet these challenges, [...]

  • Scaling Intelligent Automation Transformations with Technology

    By Pascal Bornet Senior IRPA AI Contributor According to a recent McKinsey survey, just under one third of organizations have leveraged intelligent technologies across multiple businesses or functions. Scaling intelligent automation (IA) transformation appears to be the most important challenge, and based on my experience, the key limiting factor is that IA projects are typically human-workload intensive — resulting in lengthy and expensive projects. But what if technology could help organizations implement IA? New [...]

  • PDF: Please Don’t Fail - Optical Character Recognition and the Holy Grail of Intelligent Automation

    By Chris Surdak, JD Senior IRPA AI Contributor If there is a “Holy Grail” of business process automation, it’s likely the automatic reading — and understanding — of the lowly portable document format (PDF). To most humans, this task seems mundane, if not downright punishing. But in the world of software and algorithms, reading and understanding such documents is notoriously difficult. Many, if not most, organizations seek to automate the process of [...]

  • Top Ten Tips to Avoiding this Common & Costly Hiring Mistake

    All SaaS is not created equal. The once SaaS pioneers, who were industry disruptors, today are more like the industry old guard (i.e.,, NetSuite). Selling mature SaaS solutions now looks very much like the enterprise and big government software sales that the SaaS platforms once disrupted. On the other hand, successfully selling sophisticated new SaaS solutions, that utilize emerging technologies like intelligent automation and digital labor, requires a unique [...]

  • Intelligent Automation Can Save Millions of Lives Per Year

    By Pascal Bornet Senior IRPA AI Contributor Intelligent Automation (IA) is more than a way to revolutionize business and save money — it also has the potential to save lives by the millions and increase healthy life expectancy. IA can be applied to medical diagnosis and research to prevent unnecessary deaths. In addition, it provides more equitable access to healthcare worldwide. IA can also be used in transport to augment the abilities of [...]

  • The “Law” Catches Up With Blue Prism

      By Chris Surdak, JD Senior IRPA AI Contributor Waking up to the news this week — that Blue Prism has been bought by private equity firm Vista for approximately $1.5 billion — did not come as much of a surprise. For several years now, many of us in the RPA industry did not question if Blue Prism, and the other big 3 RPA firms: Automation Anywhere, UiPath and Pegasystems, would be [...]

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