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  • RPA and ROI in Customer Service Centers: When Bicycles Fly?

    By Chris Surdak, JD Senior IRPA AI Contributor Some of the most spectacular stories about ROI in the world of RPA come from the automation of customer service processes. There are tales, perhaps myths, of giant organizations using RPA in customer service centers generating full ROI within days, if not hours, of implementation. These service centers previously employed thousands of human workers who answered phones and questions. Post-implementation, these same centers [...]

  • Intelligent Automation: Your Roadmap to Successful Transformation

    By Pascal Bornet Senior IRPA AI Contributor Despite this widespread adoption of IA, there remain significant challenges to transforming initial efforts into large-scale, enterprise-wide IA implementations. My takeaway from years of helping companies enables me to provide a transformation roadmap — broken down into four main components. Project launch For an IA initiative to succeed, it must be championed at the highest levels of management. According to a McKinsey survey, an IA transformation [...]

  • Robotic Process Automation: Lessons from the Pandemic

    By Chris Surdak, JD Senior IRPA AI Contributor Reports from research organizations — such as Gartner and Deloitte in 2018 and 2019 — found as few as 4% of organizations were able to achieve operational scale with RPA, typically meaning more than 50 bots in production. Again and again, organizations found that when implemented in an incremental, piece-meal, try-before-you-commit manner, RPA rarely provided the value initially promised. Many organizations clearly saw [...]

  • The Case for Intelligent Automation By Pascal BornetSenior Advisor, IRPA AI & Member of Forbes Technology Council   Even though Intelligent Automation (IA) emerged less than ten years ago, its potential has already been proven in global companies like JP Morgan, Unilever, and Netflix. IA has the potential to increase an organization’s efficiency by 20–60%. IA’s impact is compelling, targeting both top (e.g., through enhanced customer experience) and bottom lines (e.g., by enabling higher efficiencies).   Business Imperative Adapting legacy [...]

  • Enterprises are Gearing up for the Post-COVID World with RPA – How are you Measuring Up?

    By: Oded Karev There is no doubt that COVID-19 is accelerating disruption and speeding up the transition to a digital-first reality. During this volatile era, it is more important than ever for enterprises to drive higher efficiency and productivity. One of the best ways to do this is by adopting robotic process automation (RPA). RPA enables you to optimize routine business processes, so your people can focus on activities that add more [...]

  • What is Attended Automation and who needs it?

    What is Attended Automation and who needs it? By: Karen Inbar Attended Automation bots are software robots that reside on call center agent’s desktops and are designed to work collaboratively with people in real-time. These desktop bots can automate certain tasks on behalf of the agent, freeing them up and increasing their capacity to take on more complex, higher value work. They can also guide the agent in real-time with next best [...]

  • Digital Process Automation

    Effective application of digital process automation (DPA) requires incorporating a complex mixture of strategic consulting, industry experience required for process mining and redesign, and a deep understanding of various technologies that includes but is not limited to - business process management, robotic process automation, low/no code automation and artificial intelligence/machine learning. Process automation plays a critical role in digital transformation. While recent cloudification movements have led many organizations into advancing their [...]

  • Why You're Not Getting the RPA ROI You Expected

    The automation of different business processes precipitates the use of multiple automation platforms, that includes RPA, orchestration, cognitive, and AI tools.  These tools range from custom developed automations using open source software, to no-code/low-code automations using commercially-available software.More often than not, it is not possible for a business to standardize on a single automation platform.  Most businesses leverage multiple automation tools that operate in automation silos. RPA tools have been [...]

  • $10B UiPath: Throwing Out The Silicon Valley Playbook

    By Tom Taulli, IRPA AI & Contributor Last month, UiPath announced another mega round of funding.  This time it was for $225 million at a $10.2 billion valuation.  Alkeon Capital Management led the round and there was participation from Accel, Coatue, Sequoia Capital, Tencent, Tiger Global, Wellington, T. Rowe Price Associates. In the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) world, UiPath is one of the leaders, possibly now the #1.  Consider that the [...]

  • Sourcing Better Testing and Development Solutions in a Post COVID-19 World

    Hands off!These days the less people touch things, the better. COVID-19 has certainly forced new remote-working challenges on many companies. In our April 30th webinar, “Sourcing Better Testing and Development Solutions in a Post COVID-19 World”, seasoned nearshoring and automation experts  from IT consultancy StrategyShore as well as Dextra  will discuss how working this way will need to be a part of every company’s DNA going forward and share remarkable examples [...]

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