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  • Introducing Next-Level RPA: Content IQ Skills are the Key to Automating Unstructured Content Processing

    Enterprises today are moving fast in their digital transformation journey, and robotic process automation (RPA) is a major driving force. However, there are limits to what a robot can deliver, including bridging the gap between receiving raw, unstructured content and delivering structured, meaningful information into a business process. Join the experts from IRPA, ABBYY, and Ashling Partners in this interactive discussion as they dive into how enterprises can progress to [...]

  • Yesterday’s siloed approach to automation has created disconnected organizations who are struggling to achieve further ROI and truly transform their operations. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Intelligent Automation is helping organizations break through the digital ceiling to streamline end-to-end operations, enabling full-scale digital transformation. Women around the world are using intelligent automation to make their companies more efficient, more responsive to customers and more profitable. During this webinar, [...]

  • When organizations start discussing “robots” and “automation,” employees can’t help but think, “are bots taking over my job?” But in reality, according to a Forbes study, 92% of organizations noticed an improvement in employee satisfaction after implementing RPA. Bots aren’t taking over jobs, but rather, they’re acting as digital assistants that empower employees to increase efficiency, work better with legacy systems and applications, and provide an enhanced customer experience. That’s why [...]

  • Businesses across every industry and sector are growing increasingly reliant upon automation processes to improve organizational efficiency, boost customer satisfaction levels, and reduce operational costs. The most innovative and forward-thinking companies are consistently hearing that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is systematically transforming the business world. However, they are also learning that RPA adoption can sometimes present complex challenges without a well-defined strategy and governance structure already in place. Statistics indicate that approximately 53% of companies are already well on their way [...]

  • As automation technology has become more sophisticated, it is able to do more and deliver greater value to companies. Taking advantage of the full extent of this value and fully implementing automation in an enterprise is a journey, from process discovery to a digital workforce. This process is filled with many challenges, and it is important for companies to define effective strategies and tools early in the process to set a foundation for [...]

  • Next Generation Business Flow Intelligence Sponsors

    The financial services industry is increasingly competitive, with new startups and technologies ceaselessly disrupting long established business models. Financial companies are adding new products and business lines while maintaining existing businesses and related technologies. This has increased complexity of business operations significantly. Not only do companies have to change and adapt quickly to the digital customer but they must change and integrate business processes internally to keep the lights on. Adding to this complexity is an increasingly stringent regulatory environment. [...]

  • RPA has delivered major benefits to companies across industries from healthcare to financial services. It can multiply the productivity of the human workforce, allowing companies to be more profitable, nimble and innovative. Adopting RPA has allowed companies to gain significant advantage over their competitors, but as implementations mature and slower competitors catch up, many are looking towards the next step. Read More Here       [...]

  • With the advent of AI, machine learning, cognitive computing, and other technological advances, hackers have an entire arsenal of tools at their disposal to carry out cyber security attacks. The predators are moving faster than their prey. Being an attacker is easy. They know how to find shared tools on the dark web, and they have the element of surprise on their side. And they don’t even have to get out [...]

  • Why Deep Language Understanding (NLP) cannot be solved as easily as image recognition, but there is hope

    The second AI winter came to a sudden finale in 2012 when AlexNet took first prize in the ImageNet competition. Deep learning was born. Yet, it took many more years before similar deep learning techniques were effectively applied to language. Words and characters, surely, can’t be as complex to interpret as images or pixels which consume thousands of times more memory? Au contraire, language is a much more complex problem than vision. Read More Here       [...]

  • Revolutionizing Governments in the Digital Age

    How can Blockchain Transform the Delivery of Public Services? Read More Here       [...]

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