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  • Attention Outsourcing Service Providers- It’s Time to Brace for Impact

    Attention Outsourcing Providers - A canary in the coal mine? Founder & CEO, Frank Casale, warns outsourcing service providers that robotic process automation will make or break their service delivery model. Embrace the innovation or face rapid extinction. If you cannot see this PDF please click here     [...]

  • Event Summary: Impact of Autonomics on the Outsourcing Industry Symposium and Photo Gallery

    Robotic Process Automation has invaded the Outsourcing ecosystem and there are going to be WINNERS and LOSERS. Advisors who embrace the changes will be the big WINNERS and find that their economic pie has become bigger and juicier. Advisors who continue to be in denial will end up going hungry. The risks are great, but the rewards are greater. The Institute for Robotic Process Automation, in association with Wipro, hosted an [...]

  • Expert Interview: Ian Barkin, Global Head of Innovation, Sutherland Innovation Labs

    Ian Barkin, Global Head of Innovation, Sutherland Innovation Labs. Sutherland’s Innovation Labs amplify creativity across the firm and facilitate the design and execution of impactful new service offerings.  As the Head of the Innovation Labs, Ian brings to bear his extensive background in BPO, service innovation, and trend spotting. Topic: The evolving trend of robotic process automation, its impact on outsourcing and perspective on who will benefit most from this trend. How do [...]

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