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  • Robotic Process Automation: Lessons from the Pandemic

    By Chris Surdak, JD Senior IRPA AI Contributor Reports from research organizations — such as Gartner and Deloitte in 2018 and 2019 — found as few as 4% of organizations were able to achieve operational scale with RPA, typically meaning more than 50 bots in production. Again and again, organizations found that when implemented in an incremental, piece-meal, try-before-you-commit manner, RPA rarely provided the value initially promised. Many organizations clearly saw [...]

  • The Case for Intelligent Automation By Pascal BornetSenior Advisor, IRPA AI & Member of Forbes Technology Council   Even though Intelligent Automation (IA) emerged less than ten years ago, its potential has already been proven in global companies like JP Morgan, Unilever, and Netflix. IA has the potential to increase an organization’s efficiency by 20–60%. IA’s impact is compelling, targeting both top (e.g., through enhanced customer experience) and bottom lines (e.g., by enabling higher efficiencies).   Business Imperative Adapting legacy [...]

  • Panel: THL, PwC, IBM & Avasant Discuss Shift to Intelligent Automation

    In partnership with Josh Bresler, the managing director of Thomas H. Lee's automation fund, IRPA AI's Daniel Goodstein hosts an expert panel on "Going beyond RPA and the shift towards Intelligent Automation" with leaders from PwC Labs, IBM's Cognitive Process Automation Group & Avasant. this panel, we discuss:- why most RPA users are seeking intelligent automation- the low-hanging fruit for intelligent automation- how has COVID has impacted the deployment of [...]

  • Digital Process Automation

    Effective application of digital process automation (DPA) requires incorporating a complex mixture of strategic consulting, industry experience required for process mining and redesign, and a deep understanding of various technologies that includes but is not limited to - business process management, robotic process automation, low/no code automation and artificial intelligence/machine learning. Process automation plays a critical role in digital transformation. While recent cloudification movements have led many organizations into advancing their [...]

  • Why You're Not Getting the RPA ROI You Expected

    The automation of different business processes precipitates the use of multiple automation platforms, that includes RPA, orchestration, cognitive, and AI tools.  These tools range from custom developed automations using open source software, to no-code/low-code automations using commercially-available software.More often than not, it is not possible for a business to standardize on a single automation platform.  Most businesses leverage multiple automation tools that operate in automation silos. RPA tools have been [...]

  • On-Demand: Sales Hiring Masterclass

    On-Demand: Sales Hiring Masterclass Watch Now Do you find sales hiring overwhelming? Recruiting Expert Alix Grasso When we are overwhelmed everything feels like it is too much. It’s hard to think straight or make decision. The reason why is because overwhelm causes our brain to take in a significant amount of information at once and our emotions become overloaded (do I like this person?), our memory becomes impaired (who did we interview?), and our [...]

  • TechNext: Creator of the Emotional Processing Chip

    The first in our "TechNext" series, Founder of Emoshape and Architect of the Emotion Processing Chip (EPU) talks about the power of emotional computing and the future of AI with emotional intelligence. In this interview we discuss: - How to achieve a positive singularity for humans - Ensuring mankind is not reduced to the level of a machine - The need to teach machines human values - Big problems with [...]

  • Practitioner’s Perspective: Avaya Exec's Automation Roadmap our latest installment of the Practitioner's Perspective & Executive Interview Series, Ramesh Balanagu, Head of Digital Automation at Avaya shares his real-world experiences with implementing automation tools, as well as how to measure results from these projects. Listen in to hear Ramesh cover: - Why you shouldn’t implement RPA for the ‘sake’ of RPA - What digital transformation really means – from his practitioner’s perspective - The role of DevOps in automation  MORE [...]

  • $10B UiPath: Throwing Out The Silicon Valley Playbook

    By Tom Taulli, IRPA AI & Contributor Last month, UiPath announced another mega round of funding.  This time it was for $225 million at a $10.2 billion valuation.  Alkeon Capital Management led the round and there was participation from Accel, Coatue, Sequoia Capital, Tencent, Tiger Global, Wellington, T. Rowe Price Associates. In the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) world, UiPath is one of the leaders, possibly now the #1.  Consider that the [...]

  • Part II: AI & Supercharging Your RPA with Forbes' Tom Taulli In Part 2 of our interview with Tom Taulli, author of books on both AI and RPA, as well as a Forbes contributor on those topics, Tom dives into AI and how it can exponentially improve the power of your RPA implementations. Tom’s passion for AI is evident in this quick interview, where he advocates AI for all, a topic he covers in his book, “Artificial Intelligence, A Non-Technical Introduction’. He [...]

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