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  • RPA has delivered major benefits to companies across industries from healthcare to financial services. It can multiply the productivity of the human workforce, allowing companies to be more profitable, nimble and innovative. Adopting RPA has allowed companies to gain significant advantage over their competitors, but as implementations mature and slower competitors catch up, many are looking towards the next step. Read More Here       [...]

  • Key insights you’ll get from this session: Applying Intelligent Automation to service delivery Increasing margins on existing services within 6 months Replacing legacy services with an automation-led portfolio roadmap Identifying new customer segments Building your automation skills without building infrastructure costs   Have you launched an automation-first services portfolio yet? Investment in Intelligent Automation (IA) by companies is growing at a rapid rate with specialist in-house teams springing up in businesses across all [...]

  • With the advent of AI, machine learning, cognitive computing, and other technological advances, hackers have an entire arsenal of tools at their disposal to carry out cyber security attacks. The predators are moving faster than their prey. Being an attacker is easy. They know how to find shared tools on the dark web, and they have the element of surprise on their side. And they don’t even have to get out [...]

  • Atos and Google Cloud have commissioned CIO Magazine to survey IT leaders on their plans to adopt and use artificial intelligence in their organizations. This jointly delivered webinar examines key factors that inhibit and accelerate the adoption of AI within organizations, as well as strategies and approaches for its integration into enterprise operational and business processes. In this webinar, you will learn: Key motivating factors for adopting AI How organizations are managing [...]

  • Voice + Digital + Automation Equals Contact Center on Steroids

    Join the former Head of Avaya Labs & the VP of Mobile Operations at Stratix, as we discuss the journey from a traditional voice-center contact center to a digital-centric one, combining capabilities of the smart phone with live interaction to create a richer, more personalized, and potentially revenue-creating customer interaction. Key Discussion Points: Bridging the gap from voice to digital-centric models Changing the business model from being too people-centric Knocking [...]

  • Jim Noble, former CIO at General Motors, AOL, Time Warner, Altria Group (Philip Morris, Kraft Foods, Miller Brewing), Merrill Lynch, and General Electric (UK) and current CEO at Integrated Cyber Solutions joined Frank Casale, IRPA AI Founder, to discuss key cyber security challenges for mid-market companies, and the new, emerging tech that plays a role in the effectiveness of cyber solutions in this 3x1 (3 questions, 1 expert) interview. Read More [...]

  • How to Scale Automation: People & Technology Considerations

    According to a recent Forbes Insights survey, fewer than 50% of companies have implemented RPA holistically across their organization, instead choosing short-term gains rather than long-term competitive advantage. Organizations that want to drive real change and systemic results need to commit to a more cohesive program with top down support. But getting from here to there is never easy.  In this webinar, How to Scale Automation: People & Technology Considerations, we’ll explore [...]

  • Why Deep Language Understanding (NLP) cannot be solved as easily as image recognition, but there is hope

    The second AI winter came to a sudden finale in 2012 when AlexNet took first prize in the ImageNet competition. Deep learning was born. Yet, it took many more years before similar deep learning techniques were effectively applied to language. Words and characters, surely, can’t be as complex to interpret as images or pixels which consume thousands of times more memory? Au contraire, language is a much more complex problem than vision. Read More Here       [...]

  • Revolutionizing Governments in the Digital Age

    How can Blockchain Transform the Delivery of Public Services? Read More Here       [...]

  • RPA - Bridge the Gap Between IT and Business: How to Engage the Business in Digital Transformation

    An estimated 60 to 70 percent of initial robotic process automation (RPA) projects fail to meet expectations. Companies want to embrace the transformative technology, but with no sense of where to start and what processes to automate, their projects are dead on arrival. Business and IT need to partner together to find strong initial candidates for automation that return positive ROI and create momentum.  If pursued with the right amount of [...]

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