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  • The IT Function and Robotic Process Automation

    Notables in the field of outsourcing and RPA, Professor Leslie Willcocks, Professor Mary Lacity and Senior Research Fellow, Andrew Craig have joined forces to present The London School of Economics and Political Science series of research papers on RPA. In this first paper, “The IT Function and Robotic Process Automation," the team conducts in-depth casework and interviews to show the misunderstanding about RPA’s attributes, and how RPA fits with [...]

  • Automation’s impact on the Economy and the Outsourcing Market

    Martin Ford, Silicon Valley Entrepreneur, Futurist and Author of “Rise of the Robots – Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future,” and Joe Hogan, HCL Vice President Global Advisory and Analyst Services, sit down with Raheem Hasan, President and Co-Founder of IRPA AI, to discuss the ubiquitous and pervasive impact that automation and robotics will have on the economy and the outsourcing market. Weighing in from a Silicon Valley [...]

  • RPA in Action: A Holistic View of the Human and Robotic Workforce

    Raheem Hasan, Co-Founder and President of IRPA AI sits down with Kevin Culliton, Vice President, Product Management and Services at OpenConnect to discuss OpenConnect’s holistic approach to integrating the human and robotic workforce for their healthcare claims automation customers . In the conservative world of back office process automation convincing customers to allow a robot to make decisions can prove challenging for RPA providers. OpenConnect however has taken the [...]

  • The Institute for Robotic Process Automation Announces Automation Innovation Conferences “2016: The Year of the Robot”

    Conferences to focus on Real World Implementations from RPA, Cognitive Computing to Artificial Intelligence. New York, NY and London, UK – January 28, 2016 – IRPA AI (The Institute for Robotic Process Automation), an independent professional association and knowledge forum for the robotic process automation (RPA) industry, today announced its Automation Innovation Conference “2016, The Year of the Robot,” will be held December 7, 2016 in New York and December [...]

  • RPA as a Collaborative Platform – Connect the Front and Back Office Operations

    Raheem Hasan, President and Co-Founder of IRPA AI sits down with Carlos Londono, Solutions Executive with NICE to discuss what NICE is doing in the RPA space. NICE has a unique collaborative platform that allows robots and humans to work together. Carlos discussed a client case study and the interaction between the agents and robots. Their process begins with the agent taking the call and information is [...]

  • Doing More with Less: Viktor Voss, Vice President Technologies, arago shares his insights on "Leveraging the Economic Benefits of Intelligent Automation"

    All of us wish we could do more with less – less cost, less effort, less time.  For IT departments, doing more with less is a daily challenge – and a costly one at that.  Enterprises are struggling to keep up financially with the demands on IT. Viktor Voss, Vice President Technologies, arago takes a look at intelligent automation and its impact on transforming IT and improving business outcomes for enterprises around the world in this must read white [...]

  • RPA and Intelligent Automation: Impact on the Advisor Community

    A 3x1 Interview: (three RPA questions, one RPA expert) Frank Casale, President of arago US  Advisors: Time for a Fast Pivot As labor arbitrage gets replaced by Intelligent Automation, an entirely new playbook and price book is emerging.          Raheem Hasan: When we see or hear about the impact of disruptive technology discussed it's typically in context of the enterprise. You've been vocal about its impact on the advisors. Why is this such a hot [...]

  • Two Years In: Alsbridge CEO Chip Wagner Sits Down with IRPA Founder Frank Casale to discuss IRPA’s Anniversary, Disruption, Digital Labor and More

    Chip Wagner, CEO of Alsbridge and this year’s IRPA AI Conference Co-Chair sits down with IRPA AI Founder Frank Casale to reflect on the Institute’s Two Year anniversary, the evolution of the RPA market and its growth, drivers, acceptance and potential. This “finger on the industry pulse” Q&A captures the disruption and impact of digital labor in the marketplace and features predictions on what lies ahead in what is [...]

  • Timing is Everything: Roland Judas, Technical Evangelist of arago nets out "How IT Can Move From 'Keeping the Lights On' to a More Strategic Asset"

    They say timing is everything. Here at IRPA AI, we are very conscious of timing and how important it is to keep our members informed on the topics and discussions that matter most to our emerging industry. Roland Judas, Technical Evangelist of arago offers not only a most compelling read in his white paper "How IT Can Move From 'Keeping the Lights On' to a More Strategic Asset" [...]

  • Automation Innovation Conferences in NY and London to focus on “Preparing for 2016, The Year of the Robot”

    We’re excited to share with you that the theme for our upcoming Automation Innovation conferences in NY and London will focus on “Preparing for 2016, The Year of the Robot.” Our conference keynote "The Continuum of Intelligent Automation - How RPA, Autonomics and Cognitive are Coming of Age" will be presented in New York by Charles Sutherland, Chief Research Officer, HfS Research and in London by Tom Reuner, Managing [...]

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