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  • Optomed launches Aurora IQ, handheld fundus camera with integrated artificial intelligence for faster eye screening

    Optomed launches its latest camera product, Aurora IQ in a global launch webinar on 26th of November. The camera has the new image quality and usability features and it seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence for faster image analysis, so that the AI result can be read from the camera screen in seconds. This is a significant product for our customers and partners, as it speeds up the eye screening process and reduces [...]

  • Novo Nordisk and Microsoft will introduce an educational Chinese-speaking chatbot for diabetes patients

    Microsoft in China and Novo Nordisk, a leading healthcare company specializing in diabetes care globally, jointly announced the collaboration to develop a Chinese-speaking, AI chatbot for diabetic patients at the 3rd China International Import Expo. Combining Novo Nordisk’s expertise and experience in diabetes care, and Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and AI services, the two companies will collaborate to deliver an AI chatbot with a smart, natural-language interface to help more Chinese diabetic patients [...]

  • BIAMI.IO Introduces Intelligent Automation As A Service Labs

    While more companies recognize the potential benefits of Intelligent Automation, many of them struggle with successful implementations due to a lack of expertise and resources to architect, deliver, and scale their solutions. BIAMI.IO is introducing Intelligent Automation Lab offering in an "as a service model" to help with successful adoption and risk mitigation within the design and implementation phases. It’s a complete offering to kick-start an intelligent automation journey and deliver [...]

  • Process Analytics Factory (PAF) announces PAFnow AUDIT Edition

    The Process Analytics Factory (PAF), a leading vendor for Process Mining software in Power BI recently announced a new PAFnow AUDIT Edition. The specialized edition enables audit departments to gain a complete insight into the actual processes of all business units, maximizing the effectiveness of controls testing and monitoring. In an accompanying webinar on December 10th, PAF will present the new edition and show the key features of the new audit dashboards.  Process Mining is [...]

  • Aisera’s Conversational AI solution for Microsoft Teams Will Help Change the Future of Work

    Aisera, a vendor of artificial intelligence and customer service, recently announced the availability of its AI Service Desk solution for Microsoft Teams. This integration enables customers to speed up and simplify the resolution of internal support tickets for IT with self-service resolutions through Aisera’s platform based on conversational AI, natural learning understanding search (NLU Search), and unsupervised natural language processing (NLP). Previously employees had to wait an average of three days [...]

  • Accenture to Acquire End-to-End Analytics

    Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has agreed to acquire End-to-End Analytics, a boutique analytics, and data science consultancy based in Palo Alto, CA, with additional offices in Brazil. End-to-End Analytics brings experiencein the high tech, retail, industrial, automotive, and consumer goods industries, supported by a portfolio of assets and accelerators in the areas of supply chain, forecasting, trade promotion, pricing, marketing, and customer analytics. End-to-End Analytics will join Accenture’s Applied Intelligence practice, enhancing [...]

  • ProcessMaker Announces New Partnership with OpenRules for Decision Management and Business Rules

    ProcessMaker, a leader in low-code business process management (BPM) recently announced a new partnership with OpenRules, an open-source business rule and decision management engine. The partnership allows users to add high performance decision management to applications built with ProcessMaker. This new partnership unlocks a powerful new level of sophistication for process and workflow designers around the globe.   Global data grew by nearly 100% per year for the past 5 years and [...]

  • Blue Prism Automation Lifecycle Suite Simplifies Intelligent Automation in the Enterprise

    Blue Prism recently announced the availability of its Automation Lifecycle Suite, with several new tools that the company says make it easier for enterprises, at any stage of their automation journey, to unlock the full potential of intelligent digital workers. The suite, which includes Automation Lifecycle Management (ALM), Process Assessment Tool (PAT), and Capture: Process Modeller, makes it easier to identify, deploy and scale automation and reduce the typical planning [...]

  • Blue Prism Collaborates with Signavio to Drive Intelligent Automation at Scale

     Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM), a robotic process automation (RPA) vendor, and Signavio, a provider of business transformation solutions, recently announced a collaboration designed to help businesses “reinvigorate their process automation journey.” Combining process efficiency with advanced RPA helps organizations build and scale intelligent automation safely, reliably and collaboratively, while ensuring the best possible return on RPA investment. To drive enterprise-wide process automation that delivers on its promise, savvy businesses align complementary [...]

  • Pega Introduces First RPA Auto-balancing Feature for Hands-Free Bot Workload Management

    PegaSystems has recently introduced Pega RPA Auto-balancing – a Robotic Process Automation feature that automatically provisions workloads between an organization’s available bots. This new Pega Robot Manager capability uses artificial intelligence to intelligently optimize the capacity and efficiency of bot resources on the fly with no human intervention. Despite its name, Pega claims that most Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is “anything but robotic when it comes to managing bots.” When demand for bot assistance [...]

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