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  • Microsoft expands Teams with meetings apps and low-code tools

    Microsoft recently announced the general availability of Teams apps for meetings. For those who prefer a low-code approach, Power Apps for Teams, the Power Automate app, the Power Virtual Agents app, and Dataverse have also hit general availability. These announcements come on the heels of Teams passing 115 million daily active users (DAUs) last month. This is a pandemic-induced explosion, given that 16 months ago Teams had 13 million DAUs. Microsoft Teams is the [...]

  • Stradigi AI Launches the Kepler™ AI Platform Powered by Microsoft Azure

    Stradigi AI, a North American Artificial Intelligence software company recently announced that its cloud-based Kepler Platform is now offered on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and optimized to run within Azure. Kepler utilizes Microsoft Compute, Database, Security, and Storage services. The ability to instantly activate Kepler through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace gives Business Users a way to automate AI across all functions and departments. AI projects can go into production in a matter [...]

  • ABBYY and Bizagi Join Forces to Deliver Intelligent Automation Solutions to Enterprises Striving to Accelerate Digital Transformation

    ABBYY and Bizagi have formed a strategic that seeks to address challenges organizations face maintaining business continuity and meeting customers’ needs as they pivot operations in a new socially distant and virtual environment. The companies have already transformed several organizations’ disrupted manual businesses processes including onboarding, processing of loans, and accounts payable. “Efficiency is crucial right now. It’s more important than ever for organizations to shift from manual and untraceable processes to agile digital [...]

  • Capco announces strategic partnership with Concentra Bank to support digital process automation

    Global management & technology consultancy  Capco has announced that Concentra Bank has joined the list of charter clients for PlatformZero, Capco’s fully cloud-based, low-code digital and automation solution focused on the financial services industry. PlatformZero is designed to increase efficiency and eliminate high-cost processes across the back office, and improve control and service for end-to-end process digitization. PlatformZero’s capabilities allow Concentra to free up staff and other resources, providing capacity to grow [...]

  • Signavio Launches CEX Edition and Training Academy to Accelerate Journey to Customer Excellence

    Signavio, a leading provider of business transformation solutions, announced recently the launch of Signavio Business Transformation Suite CEX Edition. Signavio’s new Customer Excellence Edition will empower organizations to turn customer obsession into operational reality, and the newly launched Signavio Academy will provide their teams with the skills to drive this internal transformation. Signavio’s CEX Edition leverages analytics and other next-generation techniques to identify critical customer interactions and the interdependencies between customer sentiment, moments of [...]

  • Why You're Not Getting the RPA ROI You Expected

    The automation of different business processes precipitates the use of multiple automation platforms, that includes RPA, orchestration, cognitive, and AI tools.  These tools range from custom developed automations using open source software, to no-code/low-code automations using commercially-available software.More often than not, it is not possible for a business to standardize on a single automation platform.  Most businesses leverage multiple automation tools that operate in automation silos. RPA tools have been [...]

  • Pascal's Picks (formerly Intelligent Automation Insights)

    Brought to you by: Latest News in Intelligent Automation  Week after week, Intelligent Automation is getting more powerful supporting clients, patients, employees, companies and making our world more human. This weekly newsletter is dedicated to regularly celebrating its latest and significant advancements. You can also learn more by joining me in IRPA AI's Premium Access portal in my book about Intelligent Automation. -Pascal  July 19, 2021   Pascal BornetPascal is a recognized global expert and pioneer in the [...]

  • Forecasting in an Uncertain World

    By Chandra Subramanian, Executive Vice-Chairman of ORS GROUP We live in a world today where we seek decisions made by machines. Machines are steering airplanes; they are deployed for counterintelligence and security, for driving directions, restaurant suggestions, and investment management. In business, machines deliver decisions on mortgage approvals and consumer credits, predict crop yields and the likelihood of diseases and trade stocks. Today’s businesses survive depending on how effectively they can sense and [...]

  • On-Demand: Sales Hiring Masterclass

    On-Demand: Sales Hiring Masterclass Watch Now Do you find sales hiring overwhelming? Recruiting Expert Alix Grasso When we are overwhelmed everything feels like it is too much. It’s hard to think straight or make decision. The reason why is because overwhelm causes our brain to take in a significant amount of information at once and our emotions become overloaded (do I like this person?), our memory becomes impaired (who did we interview?), and our [...]

  • Lemonade: A Glimpse Into The Future of AI

    By Tom Taulli, IRPA AI & Contributor While there have been many breakthroughs and advances in AI, the fact remains that the technology is incredibly difficult to implement.  Most studies show that projects often fail to progress beyond the proof-of-concept stage. But when AI is done right, the impact can be transformative.  Just look at Lemonade, which is an AI-based insurance company.  The focus is on providing auto and home policies. As a [...]

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