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  • RUTA N and IRPA AI Announce the Opening of the Digital Americas Pipeline Initiative (DAPI)

    Medellín, Colombia and New York, NY – May 18, 2018  – Ruta N, the center of business and innovation of Medellín and IRPA AI (The Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence) today announced the official opening of the Digital Americas Pipeline Initiative (DAPI). Connecting the North and South American marketplaces through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) talent hubs in New York and Medellín, Colombia, DAPI provides [...]

  • OAISS NY - A Message From The Founder

    Have you signed up for OAISS NY, this Thursday, June 7th at Loeb & Loeb on 345 Park Avenue in NYC? If you did, we can't wait to see you onsite. If you haven't, this is your last chance to register! This intimate, local and interactive event will focus on the 2018 digital roadmap, enterprise transformation, sourcing, automation & AI. And, for the first year ever, we will unleash our digital therapy session. So, if have any burning [...]

  • Intelligent Automation - It's All About Dynamic Workflow and Orchestrating New Technologies

    Intelligent automation is not a technology that operates in a silo. RPA, coupled with machine learning, natural language processing, and analytics, extends the reach and range of automation from tasks and activities to driving dynamic workflow engines.  The right approach fundamentally changes how work gets done by creating new "normals" of efficiency, cost, and outcome experiences while enabling your data as a decision driver. But how can you get started? Viewers [...]

  • Getting Started with Your Financial Services Automation Strategy

    In today’s fast-paced, competitive, and highly regulated financial services world, banks and financial service providers are being forced to shift the way they conduct business. Customers demand frictionless digital experiences that are delivered accurately and quickly and are available around the clock. Many leading institutions aim to meet this demand by implementing full-stack strategies that mix RPA, business process automation, and IT workload automation tools. But because the automation landscape is [...]

  • Top Reasons Why So Many Automation Programs Are Failing to Deliver Promised Business Benefits …and How to Avoid Them

    Robotic process automation (RPA) has become a mainstream technology, deployed across a vast cross section of enterprises around the world. Yet challenges and obstacles to success still exist. In this webinar, hosted by IRPA AI, you’ll hear from Sutherland and Avasant on the top five reasons why RPA projects are falling short of expectations and how to avoid them, along with a real-life case study from Motiva on their successful automation [...]

  • 10,000 IRPA AI Members

    We're excited to announce that the Institute for Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence (IRPA AI) has reached 10,000 members globally. This growth is a clear indication that the market is hot, growing exponentially - and we are in the center of it all! IRPA AI is the ecosystem and community for buyers, providers, analysts and influencers. We pride ourselves on being the go to place for industry trends, expert [...]

  • End-to-End Service Desk Use Case Coverage

    So you are considering the next generation of IT service desk management platforms that will enable you to address all use cases in your organization or for the organizations of your customers. Hopefully, they will include AI and machine learning, which is a requirement today. Straight runbook and orchestration solutions will not be able to keep pace with IT changes and challenges going into the future. All companies are considering [...]

  • Institute for Robotic Process Automation & AI Announces Italy Chapter

    NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 4, 2018 – Today, The Institute for Robotic Process Automation & AI (IRPA AI) has announced its Italy Chapter to be led by Vincix Group’s CEO and Founder, Vincenzo Marchica. IRPA AI’s partnership with Vincix Group will provide this new chapter with leading-edge market intelligence, best practices, networking opportunities and other essential resources and guidance that are necessary to build a successful ecosystem. The chapter will [...]

  • IT Operations: From Human Led to AI Led

    As enterprise IT becomes more complex and impacts a growing number of business functions, it is difficult for companies to manage scale, speed and cost. To ensure that IT operations are run as effectively as possible, it is critical that companies incorporate automation into their IT operations strategy. In this webinar, “IT Operations: From Human Led to AI Led,” HCL Technologies discusses how its DRYiCETM AIOPS platform revolutionizes IT operations. Register now to [...]

  • RPA and AI – The Power of Two

    RPA and AI are very different types of technologies but when combined, they can help organizations get significantly more value out of automation. In this session, Sarah Burnett, lead automation analyst at Everest Group, will talk about: - The differences between the two types of technology - The suitability of the two for automating different types of processes - How to get started on each and combine the two for end-to-end automation The session [...]

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