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  • Discovering Process Discovery Comparing Process Discovery With Conventional Process Mining Tools

    Gone are the days of needing to invest in a time-consuming, subjective decision-making process – one which could be prone to bias and disagreement – any time you want to automate a work process. Today, it is increasingly common for companies to turn to AI-powered solutions that automatically identify, analyze, and recommend processes to automate. Using objective analysis of hard data, these tools shorten the path to RPA – while [...]

  • 5 Ways to Benefit From Intelligent Automation for IT Operations

    There is a real need for companies to increase performance, reduce operational costs and improve the end user experience with fewer resources than ever before. According to Michael Engel, Intelligent Process Automation Lead at PwC, one area where companies are achieving these goals is by implementing intelligent automation to their IT operations (In fact, he’s seeing examples of organizations reducing the number of tickets by over 50% with intelligent automation). Intelligent automation [...]

  • Institute for Robotic Process Automation & AI Announces Mexico Chapter

    The Institute for Robotic Process Automation & AI (IRPA AI) has announced the formation of its Mexico Chapter to be led by Raj Mohan, CEO, Sentient Minds. IRPA AI’s partnership with Sentient Minds, the Digital Transformation subsidiary of Presidency Solutions, will provide this new chapter with leading-edge market intelligence, best practices, networking opportunities and other essential resources and guidance that are necessary to build a successful Intelligent Automation ecosystem around the emerging [...]

  • IT Tools: New Ways of Thinking

    What's the old way of thinking in the IT ops industry? Many people believe that IT ops can be fit into a box, because the tasks are repeatable But, there's a new way of thinking in the IT ops industry that is being sparked by the emergence of new technologies and opportunities. If we're willing to let go of the existing paradigms and old ways of thinking, then we can use innovative tools to replace receptive human labor [...]

  • Automation: The Good, The Bad, and the RPA 5 Things to Look For in Good Automation

    Learn how RPA and other technologies can be catalysts within an intelligent automation framework to transform your organization. With 72% of all automation projects failing and more than half not being attempted again, it’s critical to consider the factors that contribute to automation success. Automation: The Good, The Bad, and the RPA shows how to plan, implement and deploy automation capabilities successfully. View now to hear Cortex Intelligent Automation and PwC discuss [...]

  • The Time is Now for Realizing Billion-Dollar Productivity Benefits in Finance and Accounting Through RPA and AI

    Real-life case studies from GE and Merck on scaling RPA It’s no surprise CFOs and F&A professionals across all industries are looking for ways to have higher efficiencies, lower costs and better reporting. Even with strong growth in adoption of robotic process automation over recent years, UiPath’s Ashim Gupta says that RPA and AI have “barely scratched the surface.” In this webinar, UiPath and IRPA AI discuss how billion-dollar productivity improvements [...]

  • Automating Process Discovery: Speeding Up RPA’s Time to Value

    What if robotic process automation (RPA) could start improving your processes before you even automate them? RPA creates incredible value, but its wide applicability and flexibility can make it difficult to choose where to start, creating a time gap between project launch and goal realization. Enter automated process discovery, a concept that brings the automation forward into process identification and optimization. By “listening” to your organization’s daily workflows, automated process discovery [...]

  • Robotic Process Automation in the Real World: How 3 Companies are Innovating with RPA

    The best proof is experience,” said English philosopher Francis Bacon. When it comes to new-to-you technology, the best proof is learning from others’ experience. Join IRPA AI, Kofax, and panelists with real-life experience in RPA in manufacturing, government, banking and transportation and logistics organizations as we share insights from the trenches in our RPA journeys. Viewers of Robotic Process Automation in the Real World will learn: The painful processes that are ideal [...]

  • RUTA N and IRPA AI Announce the Opening of the Digital Americas Pipeline Initiative (DAPI)

    Medellín, Colombia and New York, NY – May 18, 2018  – Ruta N, the center of business and innovation of Medellín and IRPA AI (The Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence) today announced the official opening of the Digital Americas Pipeline Initiative (DAPI). Connecting the North and South American marketplaces through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) talent hubs in New York and Medellín, Colombia, DAPI provides [...]

  • OAISS NY - A Message From The Founder

    Have you signed up for OAISS NY, this Thursday, June 7th at Loeb & Loeb on 345 Park Avenue in NYC? If you did, we can't wait to see you onsite. If you haven't, this is your last chance to register! This intimate, local and interactive event will focus on the 2018 digital roadmap, enterprise transformation, sourcing, automation & AI. And, for the first year ever, we will unleash our digital therapy session. So, if have any burning [...]

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