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  • Automation’s impact on the Economy and the Outsourcing Market

    Martin Ford, Silicon Valley Entrepreneur, Futurist and Author of “Rise of the Robots – Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future,” and Joe Hogan, HCL Vice President Global Advisory and Analyst Services, sit down with Raheem Hasan, President and Co-Founder of IRPA AI, to discuss the ubiquitous and pervasive impact that automation and robotics will have on the economy and the outsourcing market. Weighing in from a Silicon Valley [...]

  • RPA in Action: A Holistic View of the Human and Robotic Workforce

    Raheem Hasan, Co-Founder and President of IRPA AI sits down with Kevin Culliton, Vice President, Product Management and Services at OpenConnect to discuss OpenConnect’s holistic approach to integrating the human and robotic workforce for their healthcare claims automation customers . In the conservative world of back office process automation convincing customers to allow a robot to make decisions can prove challenging for RPA providers. OpenConnect however has taken the [...]

  • 2016: From keeping the “Lights On” to Innovation: Chris Boos, CEO arago shares his predictions about RPA’s and Autonomics’ impact on the coming year

    In our latest video interview, IRPA AI Founder and Chairman Emeritus Frank Casale sits down with Chris Boos, arago CEO to hear his predictions as to how RPA and Autonomics will impact the coming year. Chris sees 2016 as a pivotal year in which many enterprises will make the strategic shift from focusing on keeping the lights on to technological innovation – with RPA and embracing smart automation playing [...]

  • Webinar: The End of Outsourcing? RPA is Here to Stay

    There are many opportunities for robotic process automation (RPA) robots to work alongside human workers as assistants, and knowing this fact will help call for a new work synergy, one between human and robot. For example, while a customer service representative may be communicating with a client, that representative may use this assisted automation technology to access necessary information about the client, fill an order, or communicate data between the [...]

  • RPA is changing the game…..ARE YOU READY?

    Chris Boos, Founder and CEO of arago, a visionary in the field of intelligent enterprise IT automation joins IRPA AI’s Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Frank Casale  to examine how the industry is changing – and whether the industry is ready for change.   [...]

  • Webinar: An Introduction to IRPA’s Groundbreaking eBook: A Primer on Robotic Process Automation

    Webinar: An Introduction to IRPA AI’s Groundbreaking eBook: A Primer on Robotic Process Automation In this one-hour webinar Mr. Raheem Hasan, IRPA AI's CMO hosts a panel of experts and covers these important topics, which are discussed in-depth within the e-book as well: 1. Beyond Pressing a Button: The Automation of Automation 2. From Transactional to Analytical: The Upsides of Robotic Process Automation 3. The End of Outsourcing? The Call for a New [...]

  • CEO Perspectives: Hans-Christian “Chris” Boos, Founder & CEO of arago and Frank Casale discuss the Benefits of Automation

    Automation learns from what you’re doing everyday – it NEVER stops learning. IRPA AI brings you insight from one of the industry's most influential pioneers in the space, Hans-Christian “Chris” Boos, Founder & CEO of arago. Chris sits down with Frank Casale, Founder and CEO of IRPA AI and describes at what level automation is possible specific to IT operations in today's market. Chris talks in detail [...]


    Pat Geary, CMO of Blue Prism, sits down with IRPA AI’s CMO, Raheem Hasan and talks about the historical evolution of the term “Robotic Process Automation,” it’s impact on business processes today and how it differs from other forms of automation. He takes us behind the scenes, providing insight as to how RPA goes far beyond the scripting, macro generation, desktop automation tools that have been around for years. True [...]


    In a recent IRPA AI expert video interview with Cognizant's, Dan Hudson, AVP-Automation Market Leader, Dan expands on robotic process automation (RPA), and how it is a rules based process managed by virtual robots utilizing a variety of toolsets. Dan explains how RPA is operates toolsets faster and better than humans at a rate of 95-98% throughout rate with zero defects. He describes in depth his predictions on RPA in [...]


    Chip Wagner, Alsbridge’s, CEO and Frank Casale, Founder & CEO of IRPA AI discuss impact that RPA will have on the marketplace and how new technology players will carve out niches in what we have known as the traditional outsourcing space. They discuss the “Old Play Book vs. the New Play Book” and how we now have a new ecosystem of unique and niche providers. He gives keen advice to [...]

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