Message from IRPA AI Founder Frank Casale

Dear Colleague,

Well, the rumors were true… I’m getting into the services game!  From launching IRPA AI and producing the “Woodstock of RPA” in 2013, to delivering the first wave of digital labor, my adventure continues.  

After 27 years of running IRPA AI and The Outsourcing Institute, as well as investing in several startups, I announced last week that my primary focus will now be as Chief Revenue Officer for Choiceworx, an AI-powered intelligent automation software company that is revolutionizing IT Operations, where I will be building a team and establishing a global network of channel and enterprise relationships, including leading the next round of funding when the time comes.

While I will no longer be involved in the day-to-day activities of IRPA AI, I absolutely will continue to maintain and thoroughly enjoy my role as Founder and Chairman, continuing to help guide its direction, along with the organization’s President Daniel Goodstein; Dan, who has been with us since the beginning and has led much of the organization for the past several years, including media, events and various other member services, will now be fully taking over the reins.

Seven years ago when I launched IRPA AI, it was one of the more exciting days of my entire entrepreneurial career.  While the term “RPA” was alien to 95% of the world at that time, it was clear to me that this was a game-changer and that RPA would kick off an entire new genre of tech and innovation.  So much so that 20 years after founding the Outsourcing Institute, I decided to launch a totally new ecosystem dedicated to this exciting new area (here is the first video that appeared on the original IRPA web site).   

Since then, several key milestones have occurred:

    • – RPA exploded onto the scene as predicted 

    • – Our first RPA event in NYC in 2013 was automation’s Woodstock… a game changing experience.  Everyone there that day knew something special was happening. The future of several ventures and careers were defined or sparked that day.


    • – Over the years, we literally introduced RPA to tens of thousands of business and executives around the world and have grown our ecosystem to over 100k executives globally.


    • – The space quickly expanded to include intelligent automation and AI.  So much so, that barely 2 years in, we modified our name from IRPA to IRPA AI;  a mouthful indeed, but it was clear that this would no longer be just about RPA. In fact, RPA would be what I called at the time a “digital gateway drug” leading most to something much more powerful.  


    • – The next thing would be the real epiphany to me:  After interacting with enterprise executives on a daily basis, it became clear that this was not a technology play…  it was a new “alternative to labor” play.  The market was not seeking new software, it was seeking an alternative to labor arbitrage.  Having experienced the shift from onshore to offshore after founding The Outsourcing Institute back in 1993, I saw that the industry was experiencing a much needed and overdue shift from offshore to no-shore – really intelligent, fit for purpose software that plays the role of a digital worker.  A fresh and powerful new alternative for business leaders and reinvention of how work gets done.  So, while each of these scenarios start with plain vanilla RPA, most will end up with an AI-as-a-service, fit-for-purpose solution.


    • -The launch of Choiceworx:  Realizing that this was an opportunity to launch a new venture, I invested in and supported Choiceworx , one of several experiments first launched in IRPA AI’s Artificial Intelligence Incubator and Accelerator ( AIIA), amongst several others. Its rapid growth and traction made it a rising star even while in stealth mode, as they decided that its offering would be intelligent, powerful, simple and targeted in two key non-core areas: IT service desk / PC support and RPA bot monitoring & repair, with the objective of lowering costs and increasing speed & end user experience.


That’s it.  After building two key products, signing several enterprise customers and closing a round of funding, I’ve decided this is where I can have the most impact and, very importantly, having the most fun!

So what about IRPA AI ?

This network has and continues to play such an important role in this ever-evolving space and has served to educate, inform, connect and assist our members as they navigate this digital transformation & automation journey. 

These are exciting times. And I don’t want to be the only person riding this wave and having fun so rest assured, IRPA AI will continue to be here to make sure you do as well.  

In the weeks to come, we will be announcing a new & improved IRPA AI with  innovative programs and services that include new ways to learn from some of the top industry experts in the space, as well as network with members of our community and help you keep pace in this post-COVID world.  IRPA AI will continue to be your go-to source for education, networking, advice and connections and play an even bigger role in keeping you one step ahead of the curve in scaling your automation & digitally transforming your enterprises. 

For more information on IRPA AI’s Upcoming Programs, e-mail IRPA AI President Daniel Goodstein @ daniel.goodstein@irpanetwork.com or visit www.IRPAAI.com.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss digital labor, broken bot syndrome, autonomous remediation for PCs or simply sync up on the latest trends and best practices, please email me @ frank@choiceworx.com or visit www.choiceworx.com.

Frank Casale
Founder & Chairman, IRPA AI

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