Insights and Innovation-Organizational Considerations in Returning to School and Play Amidst Covid-19

Covid-19 has changed the way we live, work, and play – and despite these changes, the virus continues to spread. Organizations across the globe are struggling to find the right balance to manage both the health and safety of their employees, and organizational goals.

While we search to establish a new normal, one thing is certain, Covid-19 will be part of our daily lives for the foreseeable future. How can organizations develop a program that is both sustainable and effective in minimizing the impact of Covid-19 to their population?

In this webinar, with the help of thought leaders in the space, we explore topics to help create and deploy a comprehensive ecosystem to address this issue.

• The value of random sampling and proper statistical testing to efficiently help curb the spread

• A breakdown of the differences in Covid-19 testing and how they may be used to identify and minimize outbreaks for an organization

• A closer look at Covi-Control – an innovative, end-to-end ecosystem leveraging statistical testing methodology to manage the health and safety of your organization more efficiently.

Brought to you by Harmony Health, this solution offers both an intuitive user experience and highly tailored organizational administration to minimize disruption associated with Covid-19.

o Early symptom detection screening
o Enterprise risk prediction and analytics
o Onsite testing capabilities with same day results
o Individualized and population level communication and alerts
o Certification management
o Contact tracing
o Risk and performance reporting

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