Are Your IT Operations Digital Ready?

The Digital revolution requires businesses to act and respond to market needs at unprecedented speed and agility. This makes multi-modal IT a mandatory requirement. But operating IT at different speeds and providing business with speed and agility requires a different operational mindset. While automation has been traditionally used to make operations more efficient and to save costs, in the 21st century, the role of automation has been enhanced through AI and machine learning to drive simplicity in IT operations.

Join our expert speakers as they share their insights on how smart machines and complex algorithms are transforming the division of labor between IT staff and machines; enabling impressive automation use-cases not possible in the pre-AI era.

Expert Speakers:
Frank Casale, Founder & CEO, Institute for Robotic Process Automation
Thomas Young, CEO, Rumjog
Radha Kasibhatla, Regional CTO, HCL
Jegannathan Kannan, Global Solutions Leader, HCL


Webinar Presentation Slides: If you cannot see this PDF please click here

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