IT Operations: From Human Led to AI Led

As enterprise IT becomes more complex and impacts a growing number of business functions, it is difficult for companies to manage scale, speed and cost. To ensure that IT operations are run as effectively as possible, it is critical that companies incorporate automation into their IT operations strategy.

In this webinar, “IT Operations: From Human Led to AI Led,” HCL Technologies discusses how its DRYiCETM AIOPS platform revolutionizes IT operations. Register now to reserve your seat.

AIOPS dramatically transforms IT operations, using artificial intelligence to take the lead in management. The solution covers all IT operations, from servers to the network layer and end user devices, including knowledge management, incident resolution and user requests. This helps companies reduce costs, improve reliability and increase innovation.

Viewers of “IT Operations: From Human Led to AI Led” will learn:

  • How AIOPS automates the functions of IT operations
  • How AI can be deployed throughout operations as the enterprise desires
  • How AIOPS can enable elasticity, flexibility, and simplicity in IT services consumption

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