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Each week, we’ll explore some of the key issues defining our ongoing transformation into digital enterprises and societies. Join us for a unique, unfiltered discussion of business and social leadership at the intersection of technology and the humanities, helping you to become a Digital Leader.

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Our monthly video interviews with some of the top industry experts & practitioners in RPA, AI & digital transformation.

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Join IRPA AI’s Founder Frank Casale and meet the people driving the digital revolution.  Frank speaks 1-on-1 with founders, CEOs & leading execs to get their perspectives on the market, their lessons learned & their advice to other leaders.

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Based on his Amazon bestselling book “Intelligent Automation: Welcome to Hyperautomation”, industry thought leader Pascal Bornet interviews some of the industry’s top experts in automation and AI.

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Weekly Intelligent Automation Newsletter with Pascal Bornet

Week after week, Intelligent Automation is getting more powerful supporting clients, patients, employees, companies and making our world more human. This weekly newsletter is dedicated to regularly celebrating its latest and significant advancements.


Unpacking the True Value of Attended Automation

This whitepaper unpacks and explores the fascinating technology powering NEVA (NICE Employee Virtual Attendant), that is Attended Automation. In today’s digital economy, most enterprises are embracing various forms of digital transformation practices to remain relevant and competitive. Attended Automation technology is a critical component in any digital transformation initiative, as it provides the human workforce with real-time guidance and support.

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Scaling Up Success with Attended Automation

In this paper we will explore the benefits of attended automation as a critical element of successfully scaling intelligent automation programs. We will also take a look at the steps organizations should take to successfully scale up their intelligent automation efforts to unleash the full return on their investments in this potentially transformational technology.

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In Times of Change, Employee Virtual Assistants/Attended Bots are Work-at-Home Agents, Too

After a few months of adjusting to the ‘new normal’, attended RPA bots are changing the face of the contact center. In this white paper, Frost & Sullivan explores the instrumental role of attended bots, serving as employees’ virtual assistants, in creating agile organizations that are quick to adapt to fluctuations in organizational structure, workforce engagement, and customer demands.

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Intelligent Automation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Intelligent automation refers to a powerful and continually evolving set of technologies for automating knowledge work and augmenting the work of human knowledge workers. Based on the speed and scale of its recent advances, it is likely to have a huge impact on the world of work and, by extension, on all of society.

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A Framework for Explaining the Power of Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation (IA), also known as hyperautomation, is a set of technologies and methods for automating the work of white-collar professionals and knowledge workers. Here, we present a framework for explaining its power in terms of four main capabilities — Vision, Execution, Language, and Thinking & Learning — and how they enable business transformations with people and business goals at their center.

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In partnership with PwC & Thomas H. Lee's automation fund, the Intelligent Automation primer has been updated from our original RPA primer released back in 2015, and is your quick guide to all things Intelligent Automation for anyone looking to start or scale an automation program and wanting to leverage the power of integrating RPA and AI.

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August 2 2022

Pascal's Picks

Latest News in Intelligent Automation  Week after week, Intelligent Automation is getting more powerful supporting [...]

July 6 2022

Pascal's Picks

Latest News in Intelligent Automation  Week after week, Intelligent Automation is getting more powerful supporting [...]

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