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August 30, 2022

Pascal Bornet
Pascal is a recognized global expert and pioneer in the field of intelligent automation. He is industry thought leader with over 200k online followers and specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Automation & Analytics. Formerly Head of AI, Automation & Digital Innovation for McKinsey, Pascal is a senior advisor to IRPA AI, member of the Forbes Technology Council & author of Intelligent Automation: Welcome to the World of Hyperautomation.

  • [Innovation] How PayPal gets employees invested in innovation
  • [AI] How to build the next generation of AI talent. The importance of ecosystems and centers of excellence
  • [Metaverse] The metaverse paradox: Why the industry needs standardization
  • [Innovation] What makes innovation partnerships succeed
  • [Decision intelligence] TOP 5 applications of decision intelligence in business
  • [Robot] A robot learns to understand itself rather than the world around it
  • [Future of work] Smarter, healthier workplaces could lure us back to the office
  • [Finance] CFOs: here are four actions to ensure you implement AI — the right way
  • [Trends] What CEOs talked about in Q2/2022: The war and looming recession sideline digital transformation and sustainability
  • [3D printing] 3D printing can help the construction industry become carbon-neutral

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