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October 18, 2021


Pascal Bornet
Pascal is a recognized global expert and pioneer in the field of intelligent automation. He is industry thought leader with over 200k online followers and specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Automation & Analytics. Formerly Head of AI, Automation & Digital Innovation for McKinsey, Pascal is a senior advisor to IRPA AI, member of the Forbes Technology Council & author of Intelligent Automation: Welcome to the World of Hyperautomation.

The State of AI Report analyses the most interesting developments in AI. This report aims to trigger an informed conversation about the state of AI and its implication for the future. The Report is produced by AI investors Nathan Benaich and Ian Hogarth.

As the successor to Turing NLG 17B and Megatron-LM, MT-NLG has 3x the number of parameters compared to the existing largest model of this type and demonstrates unmatched accuracy in a broad set of natural language tasks.

SparkBeyond, a company that helps analysts use AI to generate new answers to business problems without requiring any code, today has released its product SparkBeyond Discovery.

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) recently invented a robot arm that can search for missing items. It can easily locate keys, passports, library books, cards and other easy-to-miss items in the house. The scientists also shared their big plans for the RFusion Robot.

It can help you further automate and improve your organization’s operations.

“It is likely a matter of time until an AI will be able to simulate human thought, think creatively, and independently identify and solve problems…. If current laws remain unchanged…the owner of the AI-generated IP can and likely will attempt to protect AI-based inventions as trade secrets to the extent possible.”

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Firefighting #drones climb higher and faster, to save more lives





Algorithms inspired by ants’ behaviour enable autonomous vehicle to communicate with each other in real time, and behave as “one”, also called “swarm intelligence”





Are we reaching the era of #digital paper?… Or at least, truly flexible displays that can be rolled, folded or worn?





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IA market news (by Tolani Jaiye-Tikolo)

💥Celonis, a leader in process mining technology announces a strategic partnership with ServiceNow to combine ServiceNow low-code workflow automation with its process mining tech. This announcement comes on the heels of the Celonis/IBM partnership announced earlier in April. Celonis CEO Alexander Rinke says this partnership will benefit the three parties as IBM GBS possess the capabilities and technical know-how of both technologies to deliver digital transformation for enterprise customers.

💥IDC recognises Cognigy, an omnichannel customer service automation provider as a leader in its IDC MarketScape: Worldwide General-Purpose Conversational AI Platforms 2021 Vendor Assessment.

💥ancora Software, Inc., a provider of intelligent process automation solutions including Intelligent Document Classification and Advanced Data Capture recently announced 44 organisations purchased its flagship, ancoraDocs solution last month.

💥ABBYY announces the public availability of ABBYY Vantage and reports its momentum growth. According to the company, ABBYY Vantage is a comprehensive platform of cognitive services that applies AI to understand your documents in a fast and simple way. ABBYY is hosting a virtual broadcast to celebrate ABBYY Vantage.

💥Alteryx, a data management vendor acquires Hyper Anna, a Sydney cloud-based vendor to drive automated AI-driven insights.

💥Quixy, a cloud-based no-code Process Automation and Enterprise Application Development platform provider collaborates with Project Management Institute (PMI) in a global hackathon as a participating no-code platform.


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