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August 30, 2021


Pascal Bornet
Pascal is a recognized global expert and pioneer in the field of intelligent automation. He is industry thought leader with over 200k online followers and specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Automation & Analytics. Formerly Head of AI, Automation & Digital Innovation for McKinsey, Pascal is a senior advisor to IRPA AI, member of the Forbes Technology Council & author of Intelligent Automation: Welcome to the World of Hyperautomation.

AI21 Labs’ new developer platform offers instant access to the 178B-parameter language model, to help you build sophisticated text-based AI applications at scale.

The four main components to success are project launch, project prep, project scaling, and management.

Here are four skills that are essential for any AI product owner.

In a rehearsal room at London’s Young Vic theater last week, three dramatists were arguing with an artificial intelligence about how to write a play.

Michael Williams’ wife pleaded with him to remember their fishing trips with the grandchildren, how he used to braid her hair, anything to jar him back to his world outside the concrete walls of Cook County Jail.

It’s not easy to know how to manage and deploy AI systems responsibly today. But the U.S. Government Accountability Office has recently developed the federal government’s first framework to help assure accountability and responsible use of AI systems. It defines the basic conditions for accountability throughout the entire AI life cycle — from design and development to deployment and monitoring — and lays out specific questions for leaders and organizations to ask, and the audit procedures to use, when assessing AI systems.

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This amazing drowning detection #AI is combining machine learning and computer vision to detect drowning people in real time. Another meaningful use of #AI, developed by Rodman Louis


Impressive real-time interaction and immersion with holograms using HoloLens by Oscar Saladin: hold, push, throw and catch the cubes with your hand



Here is a new amazing video, just released by Boston Dynamics, pushing the robot Atlas to its limits, discovering the next generation of mobility, perception, and athletic intelligence



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September 2-3, 2021 – Digital Pathology & AI Congress: USA

September 9, 2021 – RE-WORK: AI in Finance Summit

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