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September 20, 2021


Pascal Bornet
Pascal is a recognized global expert and pioneer in the field of intelligent automation. He is industry thought leader with over 200k online followers and specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Automation & Analytics. Formerly Head of AI, Automation & Digital Innovation for McKinsey, Pascal is a senior advisor to IRPA AI, member of the Forbes Technology Council & author of Intelligent Automation: Welcome to the World of Hyperautomation.

With the pandemic fading away, there has been a scramble to hire new employees and this has become a major challenge for companies.

Intelligent automation is making big waves and has the potential to make the most significant impact on the way organizations operate.

AGI may still be years or decades away. It may never arrive. But the possibility suddenly seems closer than it did before.

Mixing scientific forecasting and storytelling, Kai-Fu Lee and Chen Qiufan engagingly draw an alarming picture of a world shaped by AI

NASA wants to push the concept of swarm intelligence to new heights.

Artificial intelligence spurs more efficient clinical trials by protecting patient privacy and easing regulatory burdens.

Trending in Intelligent Automation

TTNet is a deep learning program aimed at real-time processing of table tennis matches. It is unique as it provides both temporal (events spotting) and spatial insights (ball detection and semantic segmentation)






Startup Dendra Systems targets to plant 500 billion trees by 2060 – using AI and drones





This useful free app helps to calculate distances, angles, perimeters, areas, volumes and more… simply with your smartphone



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