RPA in Action: A Holistic View of the Human and Robotic Workforce

Raheem Hasan, Co-Founder and President of IRPA AI sits down with Kevin Culliton, Vice President, Product Management and Services at OpenConnect to discuss OpenConnect’s holistic approach to integrating the human and robotic workforce for their healthcare claims automation customers .

In the conservative world of back office process automation convincing customers to allow a robot to make decisions can prove challenging for RPA providers. OpenConnect however has taken the analytics from its workforce analytics tool — which is a real time product that captures everything a human user does — and combines that with the analytics from the robot to present its clients with a holistic view of the company’s workforce: human and virtual. This unique approach is helping OpenConnect accelerate its customers ability to embrace RPA adoption . Source top10pharma.net

To learn more about this real-world use case of RPA in action — take a look at this video. source:

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