Selling in a COVID-19 Post Pandemic Market & Remote/Virtual World

COVID-19 has changed the way all companies buy and sell – and despite these changes, there is very little relief from sales targets that must be achieved. Organizations across the globe are struggling to find the right balance to manage both their sales and client engagement processes in our current pandemic world.

While all firms search to establish a new normal, one thing is certain, selling in the current COVID-19 market and a post pandemic market will be different. We are seeing how companies have had to change the way that they are selling to customers, as they can no longer depend on the face-to-face sales model that has been successful in the past. COVID-19 may have forever changed the sales engagement process, but your team’s sales targets must still be met.

Is your sales team ready to meet these new challenges head on? Are you comfortable that your teams know how to navigate the new normal and continue to thrive while others stumble? Learn from very experienced sales leaders and CXOs?

In this webinar, with the help of Sales Executives and CxOs in the space, we explore frameworks that help create and deploy a comprehensive and successful sales engagement process.

Brought to you by IRPA AI, this solution offers both a proprietary and detailed sales engagement framework that was developed and implemented across Fortune 2000 firms globally and it continues to deliver.

· Sales pitch design
· Enterprise risk selling and engagement
· Individualized deal strategy, pitch and reviews
· CXO Deal Pitch Simulations

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