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The Challenge: Bots, digital labor, and process automation are transforming how business gets done in 2021. But with this transformation comes a new challenge. Managing change, including monitoring bots, keeping them working, and supporting them when they fail, has become a pain point for companies which are relying more and more on bots to handle crucial business processes. Companies are finding that for every 8-10 bots they add, another dedicated support resource is needed. This is not an effective way to scale, especially when bots were introduced to reduce manual labor.


The Solution: Robotinuum by ChoiceWORX is the world’s first and most advanced AI solution that:

• Proactively monitors and manages RPA environments across all devices, applications, and IT infrastructures

• Enables efficient enterprise RPA at scale using a revolutionary AI reasoning engine

• Helps you scale your RPA program and control costs while boosting bot availability by fixing broken bots immediately without human intervention.


The Outcome: Reduced labor costs, increased bot productivity and availability, and freedom for your development team members to focus on innovation rather than the mundane maintenance duties of bot oversight..

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